Isn't The Internet Wonderful?

Early on in my genealogy research I came across a web site which turned out to be a distant cousins genealogy website. My was that a find! We made contact and I was blessed to be given information on that side of the family. I was unable to be of much help to her though, as it was so early on in my research. She sent pictures to see if I could identify anyone in them, but unfortunately I wasn't able to help. I was able to give her a few added names and dates she didn't have, but not very many. This all came about because I put a surname in the google search engine! Ok, I thought all of my research was going to be this easy! I was on cloud nine!

As you can well imagine, not much has come that easy to me since. I made a connection with another cousin who verified information on another family line and gave me an excellent resource for that information. This was really important information as it has to do with one of my toughest, if not the toughest lines. I am trying to remember how we connected....I believe it was through a message board, but I could be wrong.

Today when I opened my email I found I had an email from another cousin on still a different family line. What a wonderful surprise! He shared some special information with me and I responded this evening and sent him a picture. (I hope it is one he doesn't have) I wondered if and when I might make a contact through this blog, and it took about three and a half months. Not to shabby for not having posted all of the surnames I am researching, or spending every post only on family members. (I am doing the happy dance again, can you tell?)

Also this week I was sent a wonderful email from a fellow genealogist. She enjoys my blog and made some very nice remarks, plus we seem to have a lot in common. She is fairly new to some aspects of this genealogy world and had some questions. I responded and tried to give her some sound advice to help her along. What a great feeling when you get your turns to help someone else!

Whether a website, message board, blog, or e-mail, we certainly live in a time were communication via the internet beats pony express any day. I look forward to new and ongoing communication via the internet with family and friends, and I am sure you do too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I agree the internet is just wonderful with all the technologies associated with it. Keep us updated on anymore cousin "discoveries" you can't beat those connections! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Will do Taylorstales-Genealogy! It is so exciting and fun for us all get receive those!


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