Who's number 1000?

Well Randy Seaver came up with this little tidbit for us to play. We are to go into our family tree and look up who is the 1000th person that was entered. I figured I wanted to play!

So off I went earlier this evening, thinking this would be fun and easy information to find out, and half an hour later I gave up. I waste so much time on things I can't figure out! I have Family Tree Maker 2009. I went to Edit, Find Individual, entered Reference ID in the first box and 1000 and clicked on find. Guess what I got, nothing! Ok, so then I went and tried it for 100 and guess what I got? Nothing. Same thnig when I tried ten.

So then I went to help and tried to figure out why they weren't coming up. It shows in my index how many people I have in my tree, so why doesn't it come up when I search this way for them? Ok, I poked around and around and finally said oh well. Seems I come across so many things that should be so simple to do or figure out and it never works out that way for me. I felt like picking a person from my tree to say was my 1000th person, after all who would know?

I would!

Looks like I will have to look more into this on a rainy day!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. Sounds like the same thing that happened to me at first. I have FTM2005 but it probably works the same.
    Try going to:
    click Preferences
    click Reference numbers tag
    check the box for Individuals

    Mine sort of looked like it was already checked but it wasn't.

  2. Mysteri, I have yet to discover who my 1000th person is...I too use Family tree maker, although an earlier version I believe. I may give it a whirl late this evening when kids are in bed and all is quiet. If I have any luck, I will share my method of "discovery" with you! Have a great day! Let's not stress---it's the holiday season.

  3. I was so excited Apple to try what you suggested, but my version is newer and doesn't work the same. It is geting to me. I played again with it tonight and finally made a comment to Randy, now I really want to know! Maybe he has a suggestion. Thanks so much for the info and trying! Appreciate it!


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