What A Wild Week!

I have been a little side tracked this past week. Some new adventures and some old. The old is an ongoing illness I have had for quite some time that I can't seem to shake (it has been a couple years) but I am working hard as possible to clear this up.

One of the new adventures, I attended was an event by Sylvia Browne. I was invited by a friend. Fifteen of us went in three cars. We had a great amount of fun! The speaker before Sylvia Browne was Colette Baron-Reid, with whom I had connections! As far as psychics go, I had never had any personal affiliation with one, but I know they have been helpful on cold cases and such.

I also went to my first ever meditation class. I didn't get to the point of total relaxation as I know you should, but I enjoyed the meditation time non the less. My daughter asked me to join her as she has been taking yoga and meditation for awhile now and believes it would all be good for me too. My hesitation is the monthly fee.

My husband and I did a PGR (Patriot Guard Ride) on Friday evening. The Patriot Guard motorcycle group meets and greets our military at the airport when they come home from duty and escorts them to their homes where there is generally a big celebration. We have been involved in this just this year, and have really enjoyed the happiness we have brought to our service men and women. This last ride was more personal however as this was a woman who had gone through school and sports with our daughters. She was wounded in Iraq, unconscious for 9 months, been in 4 hospitals, and lots of rehab. It was her 29th birthday, she was leaving the hospitals to finally go home and she never had "The Official PGR" escort. With more than 50 motorcycles, we surprised her as she was out with her family for dinner, and escorted her home. Others were at the house waiting to surprise her. There were many presentations and pictures taken. She was very gracious and thrilled by it all. She is still in a wheelchair and has short term memory loss, so we hope the photos will help her to remember. As usual, it was a great turnout.

I also received my Harley back with it's new custom paint job. I spent most of the afternoon detailing the bike, but it was to late to put it in the sun to get a good picture afterwards. It turned out beautiful and I am very pleased.

My husband celebrated a birthday this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby! All of this and some Christmas shopping, work, my grandson and dinner with friends made it a tough week for me to blog.

In a future post I hope to tell you more about the Sylvia Browne show, share pictures of my Harley, and one day discuss my illness. It has been a very busy week, whew!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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