Special People, Special Jobs

Today we attended the funeral of my friend's father. It was a nice service, as nice as a service can be. It was interesting for me though as the service was held at a mortuary I had never attended before. It just so happened to be the mortuary my ex-husband worked at maybe 40 years ago. He was actually married to one of owners daughters when he worked there.

I can remember him talking about it, but darn if I remember much. I remember him saying it was an emotionally tough job and he wasn't cut out for it. He did the embalming. I never could picture him doing this job. Being at this mortuary though made my mind jump back to the past to try to imagine what my ex must have gone through with a job such as this. He had told me when we were first married that he still had "the kit" and I told him I never wanted to see it. The stories he has, I wish I could remember, but maybe that was my way of not dealing with what his job in the past had been. He didn't work at this job for long, but how long I don't know. Maybe 6 months, a year, two? How long is not to long? My guess is six months to a year and a half as I don't believe he was married very long to the daughter, and I know he didn't like the job.

This is a unique job and I believe it takes a certain type of person to handle it. Everyone has a job to do, and so many things we just take for granted. Funeral homes for instance do their jobs, we see the end results. How often do we think of what their jobs entail?

I would love to hear of other "different" jobs that you or your family have been involved with. What other jobs do we not think much about? What jobs are unique, or take a special personality to handle?

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