Numerous Names, States, and Dates

Brick Walls. Seems I have been hearing a lot about them this week. Many have been fortunate and been able to break through those brick walls recently. I congratulate you if you are one of those who are so fortunate!

I can't say I have a brick wall at this point. I have a relative who is making me work hard, but not a brick wall, at least not yet. I haven't been able to find a birth certificate for this relative. Where she was born and when, happened to be around the time it wasn't mandatory to keep birth records. It is possible there is a delayed birth certificate, which I haven't tried for as of yet.

Of course, this being a female only makes researching slightly more difficult. The real confusion is that she has been married at least four times and possibly five. I have found and know of four of these marriages. I do not have the actual marriage or divorce dates. I know there are two children, their names and their fathers names. I know she lived in at least 5 states, possibly 6 or 7. Her maiden name is an extremely common name.

I thought I knew both of her parents names. After some trouble trying to find this family in the censuses, I started researching her siblings, there were two, and hit pay dirt. From the censuses I found that both of her parents went by names that were not their given names. To make matters more difficult, she went by a name herself that was not her given name! And a couple of these names weren't even derivatives of their given names.

Many nick names, many states, many married names. I have a good flavor of her family and her life, however I am not satisfied, I am looking for more. I want the dates, the states and all the names. I want the history and the best proof possible for all of my facts. Isn't that what is is all about, we want the whole enchilada!

The real challenge will be when I research her father...........John Miner.


  1. I have been lucky in finding divorce details in local newspapers. The farther back in time the more uncommon divorce was so it often was "news". You might also look for obituaries for the husbands,maybe they weren't all divorces. Unless you are looking to keep family information private I would get her name and the names of her children and known husbands out where someone researching one of the husbands might find it. Either here on your blog, a message board or both. All that said, I'm still looking for more information on Fannie, widowed 3 times and lived in 4 or 5 states. Good luck!

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  3. Hi Apple, thank you for your comments!I do believe most if not all were divorces, and this isn't very far into my ancestry. I like your advice and do need to especially check on the spouses! I have had her name on a message board, but not with the spouses, will have to try that avenue, before I was looking for other info. Seems to be the second Fannie I saw today that someone was looking for. Is there a link where I can read about yours? Hope you are feeling better!

    Hi Sheri and Linda also! Ok, I found I have been tagged, will get right on it!


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