Tombstone Tuesday ~ Viola Breithaupt

Viola L. Breithaupt headstone. Date October 27, 2007. Location Hawley, Pennsylvania. Digital Image. Privately held by Mysteri, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California, 2008.

I was so excited to get this picture of my great aunt last year when I made my first ever genealogy/vacation trip to Pennsylvania. I have learned so much since this picture was taken. First, I should have taken the picture at a different time of day. Then shadows would have been eliminated. This was the best photo I could get showing her name.

Second, I realize that I didn't have the name of the cemetery noted with the picture. I am going to have to do a bit of research to update the name.

As you notice, the date of her death is missing. It looks at though "19 " was engraved, but never finished. I have the death year as abt. 1966. If the date was ever engraved on the headstone, it looks almost as if it had been removed.

The stop at this cemetery was not a planned stop. We had actually driven through this town a day or two prior and I didn't realize I had family buried in the town at the time. When we were back at our room and I was going through papers, I realized I did have family buried there. It made me ill to think I missed it. My husband was kind enough to take me there again.

When we entered into the town, we stopped at the post office and I asked where the cemetery was located. The town was so small I never thought there could be more than one cemetery. I was wrong, there are at least three. Once I figured roughly the possible burial date we were given the directions and came to the cemetery where my great aunt was buried.

I was so overjoyed to actually get to the cemetery, that I never thought to take a photo of the name of the cemetery. Actually I am not sure there was a name displayed, because I am generally pretty consistent about doing that. Either way, updating needs to be done.

I also didn't realize I should talk to the office to see what additional information they may have recorded. Again, I am not sure there actually was an office located on those grounds, I don't remember seeing one. Had there been more time I am sure I could have found more information about this cemetery but as it was I felt very fortunate that my husband even took me back there! (He is a pretty great guy!)

I have learned a lot looking back on this photo...and as I was hoping, blogging brought it to my attention! Please, feel free to comment if there is anything else I could have or should have done!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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