Tombstone Tuesday ~ Dolores Howard

This is the sign outside of the Downieville Cemetery. Downieville is a very small town in the mountains on the way to Sierra City in Califonia. My husbands family lived there when he was a child. His parents owned the motel, his uncle owned the gas station, still the only one in town.

Every year we make an official Harley run to Downieville. My husband leads the run and we have several bike take the ride with us. We have been doing this for about eight years, if I remember correctly. We have the "old faithfuls" who make the trip each year. Some of riders from the chapter don't make any other chapter runs during the year, but they won't miss this one!

Originally this run was a one night, overnighter. People loved Downieville so much, it has now become a two night trip, which I believe we having been doing for about six years. We average approximately 25 to 30 bikes each year, with a total of 40-50 people attending. We take over the whole town!

My husband has family buried in Downieville, is paternal side. A tradition we have every year is our annual walk to the cemetery to clean the grave. What has been most interesting though, is the fact that several of the people who make this Harley ride with us have come to making this walk a tradition of theirs also. Some make the trip us, and others make the walk on there own. I can't think of anything more special for my husband than friends who care to take the time to do this with us.

Headstone of Delores Howard. Date June 2007. Location Downieville, Sierra County, California. Digital Image. Privately held by Msteri, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2008

I have chosen on this Tombstone Tuesday to share the image of my husband's aunt's headstone. I never had the pleasure of meeting Delores, however I know her and care for her by visiting and cleaning the grave every year.

This cemetery is the first cemetery I got "addicted" to. Every year I go through most all of the headstones, and look forward to doing it! This trip to the cemetery is a big part of going to Downieville, it is one of the things I look forward to most. Next year when we go, I plan to make a special note to take other pictures of the cemetery to post here.

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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