Tables Have Changed

I have a first cousin once removed whom I met as a child but never knew while I was growing up. After I was involved in genealogy for a few years and had been asking family members for all of the stories I could get from them, one of my family members suggested I contact this person, who only lived about 10 miles from me.

I contacted her and we met. It was wonderful. She shared so much with me about the family, pictures, stories, and memories. Through her I have met more family relations. I visited her and her husband occasionally and we always had such wonderful visits.

Unfortunately, she lost her husband in July. He was a sweet, dear man, and lived a wonderful 91 years! To imagine, they were married about 64 years! My cousin is moving forward the best as can be expected, considering. She has moved in with her daughter and is now a little further away from me, but we keep in contact via email.

This cousin of mine made a remark in one of her recent emails that she would like to do some research to find out about her paternal grandparents. It doesn't sound like she knows much about them and her father couldn't really help her when she had asked him years ago. He thought his parents were born either in Ireland or Pennsylvania. Tonight I decided to see what I could find, it was my turn to try to give her some information. Maybe I could bring a new spark of life to my cousin!

I did a quick check on the censuses and first found conflicting evidence of where the grandparents were born. Starting from the most recent census, it looked like they both were born in Pennsylvania. I went further back in time on each census and eventually found these grandparents with their children. This one stated grandpa was born in Ireland and grandma was born in Pennsylvania. No wonder her father wasn't sure, he was right all along, but didn't know which one was born where. A couple different censuses verified this information.

As dad grew older and his census time came with his own family, his parents were listed as being born in Pennsylvania. Lack of knowledge? Lack of memory? Unsure who was born where? Simplicity? It can all happen! By going back further and further it all made sense, and I did find one of the grandparents was born in Ireland. Actually the grandmother's parents were also born in Ireland.

Earlier this evening I emailed a lot of the information I found in the census records to my cousin. We will see how it all fits into her memory, or not. I am hoping she is happy about what I found and it keeps her mind thinking about her Irish side of the family, and maybe a little less time missing her husband so.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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