Pennsylvania Genealogical Cause

Here is a link to a web site that is promoting more and better access to death certificates in Pennsylvania. Online indexes currently aren't available. This site gives all the information how you can help promote updated information on the web and where write to in order to help all genealogy researchers involved with the state of Pennsylvania, I happen to be one of them. Death certificates are tough to get in this state.

Please if you haven't done so already, check out his site and write in, support this cause for all genealogists! Thanks you.

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  1. Thanks for that information, Msteri. I just helped a lady with her DAR application, and she had a terrible time getting her OWN birth certificate! They kept sending her the abridged copy that didn't show her parents (which is what she needed for DAR, of course). A little common sense could definitely be used by these agencies!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    So sad to read how difficult it can be for someone to try to get their own birth certificate! To think you send them money, it is regarding yourself, and you keep getting the abridged copy. How frustrating for her, and I wonder how much she spent going through this. If you pop back by, I am curious if she ever got an offical copy? Thank you for commenting!



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