It Tickles My Funny Bone!

James Fleming, Date unknown. Location Knotts Berry Farm, California. Digital Image. Privately held by Msteri, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California, 2008.

During my recent scanning adventures I happened to run across a few pictures that "Tickled My Funny Bone!" The photos reminded me of the great sense of humor that this side of the family carried with them throughout their lives. It was tough to choose just one picture. Mostly the sense of humor in this line came out while speaking, as in telling jokes, being silly and maybe imitating someone famous. I do have a few "funnies" that are handwritten, and very precious to me, along with the few pictures. This family line is full of silliness!

As I am writing this and realize my personality tends to be more on the logical side, questions popped up in my mind. How will my ancestors see me in photos? Do I really want to be the one who takes the photos all the time? As much as I dislike having my photo taken, shouldn't I really be in more of them?

My sense of humor comes out on very rare occasions. I will throw people of kilter and surprise them when it does come out. So I guess when I do cut loose, I do it good! I can remember only one picture off the top of my head that I have of me actually being a little silly. I am not sure that is enough.

My thoughts of this "Funny Bone" article has sent me back to some wonderful, fun times, and I have really enjoyed dwelling on them. So much so, that I think I will make a conscious effort to have more "silly" pictures of me taken for my ancestors to reminisce over when their turn comes.

This post submitted for the 6th edition of Smile for the Camera carnival.

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  1. What a great picture. Thank goodness people have a sense of is usually contagious. A smile is so much better than a frown too. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love anything that makes me smile and smiles are much better than frowns! Thank you for the comment and glad you enjoyed the picture!


  3. The Halloween month of October is a great time to pose for some silly photos. Will you dress up in something silly? Hope so; take a picture if you do.

  4. Hi Bob,

    Actually, I may have some pictures from a couple years or so ago where I did dress up... not sure where those photos are though. Will have to check into it! Thanks for reminding me! Love your photo!


  5. Great funny photo, Msteri.

    I think you're right, sometimes we need to come out from behind the camera. I started scrapbooking a few years ago and realized there are whole decades of my life when I avoided the lens so deftly that I don't even get to be in my own scrapbook. I've gotten less shy about it since cameras went digital and made it easy to delete the ones that come out ugly! And your point about funny photos is well taken too.

  6. Hi t.k.

    Isn't it funny how when we go to do a project we realize how we aren't in any of the photos? My mother used to ask if I really was at any of the function because there weren't pictures of me. Now I wish I had been in more photos. We can't be gun shy anymore! ;-) Thanks for your comment!


  7. Msteri:

    I love your Smile "Funny Bone" submission. It reminded me of my husband's family.

    A sense of humor seems to be doled out to a very few of my family.

    Thank you for your lovely comment at Shades. Always good to know we're not talking to ourselves. Eh!


  8. Thanks for bringing back some great memories of when I was about 5 & my folks took me from Ohio to California & we saw Knotts Berry Farm, Disneyland, Marine Land & the San Diego Zoo (among lots of other great things!). Just started reading your blog & am enjoying it!

  9. fM
    It is always good to know there are others who appreciate your work! Comments are the greatest! I am learning to leave more of them myself! I wish I had left you more over the past couple years, I really enjoy your blog very much! Thank you for taking the time to comment on mine!

    Thank you also for your comment! Did you get to Sea World when you were in California? It was one of my favorites when I was a child. Glad to have brought back some memories for you and I have just found your blog also! I will be reading more and leaving a comment or two!



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