Getting Serious Class - Military Records

This class covered the Military Timeline. Each United States war was discussed and we were given the types of records available and what you will find in these records. We were informed where original records would be found and the many online references available. The variety of records to search through are bountiful! A few new to me websites were nice surprises.

A basic outline of the records to be searched covers the military career of the service person. Samples available to us include:

The draft
Enlistment papers
Muster rolls, pay rolls, hospital records, court martials etc.
Discharge papers
Pension and bounty land applications
Veterans homes and possibly more hospital records
Headstone applications

Looking at military records in this manner really opens what may be available and gives a definite plan to follow. And again, the list of reference areas was wonderful! I have to admit I am one who has basically used one site online thus far, and lately I am flooded with many other sites, how to use them and what is available. Really can't wait to start digging deeper!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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