Footnote Maven Tagged Me for a Meme!

I have not been tagged for a meme before, so this is new! I happened to be reading Footnote Maven's blog and was enjoying this post when all of a sudden the end of the Meme I found she had tagged me! Surprised, yes I was! Very surprised! Yes, thank you, I will play along!

10 years ago I~

--was a Cosmetologist
--was getting involved with Harley Davidson Motorcycles
--played golf
--hadn't even thought of genealogy

7 Things On Today's To Do List~

--read all the new genealogy info
--homework for the genealogy class
--set up new files and relocate
--order a couple genealogy books I have been wanting
--watch my almost 2 year old grandson for about 4 hours
--attend a Harley meeting
--work on Family Group sheets

5 Snacks I Enjoy~

--ice cream
--granola cereal
--apples and peanut butter
--anything chocolate

5 Places I Have Lived ~

--San Ramon, Ca.
--Hayward, Ca.
--San Leandro, Ca.
--Oakland, Ca.
--San Lorenzo, Ca.

5 Jobs I Have Had ~

--Events Coordinator
--Human Resources
--Harley Davidson Motor clothes sales

Now I am suppose to pass this on to five other "Newbie" Genea-Bloggers, although I am not sure what is considered a newbie, but here I go!

I will tag......

--Find Your Folks @
--Spence-Lowry Family History @
--Taylorstales Genealogy @
--Grace and Glory @
--Life's Journey @

Now it is your turn to tag!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. San Ramon! I went to California High School in San Ramon the very first year they opened their doors. They didn't even have a Senior class yet. Our class 1976 was the first ever to graduate from there!

    Sheri Fenley

  2. Hi Sheri,

    Although I did not go to California High School, we do have other things in common. I have been reading your blog, and can point out a couple of things! When I moved to San Ramon, it wasn't a city yet, I can remember voting on the city logo!

    Thanks for leaving a comment Sheri!


  3. Mysteri:

    Thanks for playing along!

    Love reading your blog and thought you made some great newbie choices.

    You just never know when you might be tagged.


  4. Hi fM,I enjoyed participating. Really made me think of some things too! I believe now that the carnivals and memes are one of the best in opening our minds to things we may not have thought about in a long time, or maybe longer! ;-)I worked at who I chose to tag too!Thanks so much for commenting, it means a lot!Msteri


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