Follow Up on Tables Are Turned

I received a response from my cousin regarding the information I e-mailed her about her paternal grandfather. (I blogged about this in my last post).

She was very happy that I found some of the information she had in question regarding this side of her family. My cousin said I did a good job, and told me I was right with the information. She confirmed her grandparents names and even remembered 7 of their children's names! She also remembered a girl who had died. I need to go back and look at everything I found and send her additional information. I really wanted her to verify it was the correct family before I got carried away giving her information that may not have been who she was looking for.

My cousin shared with me that at some point and time she had gone to the courthouse in Scranton, Pennsylvania and tried to look up records of her grandfather and his side of the family. At the time she was only able to find deaths of the children who had past away.

She recalls the house her grandfather's lived in and said it is still there, at least it was the last time she was visited. My cousin described it to me and all of the surroundings. She remembers riding ice sleds in the snow there.

Her grandfather was Roman Catholic and now of course she is wondering where exactly he was born. I will send her some additional information I have on them and try to find where in Ireland her grandfather was born!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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