Feelings on Friday

Having not felt well this week, I took a couple days off from work sick, a difficult thing for me to do, but probably this best thing I did. I haven't had much ambition to "think" very hard about anything. So at this point I can offer to share some feelings I have had the last few days, they tend to come easy when I am ill.

With just under a couple months from starting this blog, I feel I have been blessed. I have been able to participate in a meme, a few carnivals and a couple of challenges. They have been so much fun!

These events put you in a position to focus on whatever the subject is. I'd find myself wondering, before I was blogger, if I would have ever written stories on my own. Probably not. In fact, 100% probably not. Many articles I used to read said to me, "you can write about that" and I would add it to my list of things to write about. Did I do it? No. Writing for these events has given me written information I would never have written on my own.

I am grateful to everyone who pulls together these events and thinks of the subject line. They make me spend time writing, thinking and enjoying in another way, the genealogy field. If you have followed the Genea-Bloggers at all and have had even an iota of thought to starting a blog, I suggest you go for it. It has been extremely rewarding for me already! The best part, if you can top that, is the socialization with the genealogy community. They are the most supportive, helpful and fun group to be involved with! I thank you!

The only thing I regret is not having the time to enter and do everything! I have learned I need to pick and choose. I have also found there may be subjects I don't feel ready to write about, and that it is ok. Not everything is for everyone. In time my confidence and experience will change that, I am sure.

In the last couple of months I have accomplished more with my genealogy than I had in a long time. Not so much with "Happy Dances" from researching or adding that date I didn't have. Instead I have been learning about blogging and genealogy from the classes I am taking. I haven't actually done much research in a very long time, but I have been able to organize what I do have in an even better way than before. Believe it or not, I do not have piles of paper on my desk waiting to be scanned or filed or reviewed. I have maybe one pile an inch thick of notes I want to redo, neatly. Other than some photos, everything else I have accumulated is filed properly.

With that said however, I have a lot of work ahead of me still. I struggle with sourcing and need to really strive to learn to do it properly. I have known I should do Family Group Sheets and Research Logs, but it has never been a priority. Before I continue researching I want to make sure I am doing everything properly, so later on I am not in a bigger mess! In the past year, I have worked to organize, clean, scan, file and learn. And what I have learned is that I need to learn more!

I want to thank all the Genea-Bloggers for being so delightful, amazing, helpful and encouraging. You are all great teachers and I learn from you. To all the readers, the Genea-Bloggers thank you. Leaving comments regarding our posts reminds us we are not just blogging to ourselves, it gives us encouragement and excitement to continue!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. What a nice article, you speak from your heart. We are also blessed to be able to read your contributions. Great work.

  2. I have to say that I'm envious that you have everything filed!

    I hope you're feeling better. Take care!

  3. Thank you Barbara and Amy for your comments!

    Barbara, you are so correct is saying I speak from my heart, it is very true! :-)

    Amy, I may have everything filed, I have worked hard at that, but on the downside, it has kept me from doing actual research!

    I am feeling better, alomost back to normal, but not quite!

    Thank you both!



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