Another Class ~ Land Records

I have to admit, I wasn't to enthused about this class, probably because I haven't gotten to the point of delving into land records. At one point I thought I would have to miss this class.

We had so many plans for the day, between my husband and I. Originally we were supposed to have house guests for the weekend and with everything else we had going on, it was almost a blessing they cancelled.

My morning was busy as I had so much to get together for the day, phone calls to make prior to leaving for my class, and making sure my grandson was taken care of, as I usually babysit him on Saturdays. My husband agreed to watch him so I could take these classes, but on this day he also had a major commitment. My daughter got it worked out which was good as I was feeling guilty.

I am generally early to everything, and hate being late. I gathered everything I could remember that I needed for the day and jammed out the door, running late. First obstacle, the garage door wouldn't close! Played with the remote, checked the button in the garage and nothing worked. Pulled a chair over, reached over the car and manually undid the latch. Ok, on my way. Almost got hit on the freeway. Get to the college, and the parking pass machines didn't work. I drove to several and tried them and they just didn't want my money. Finally, pulled over a security guard, he gave me a pass, and didn't charge me. Needless to say, I was a few minutes late to class, and was embarrassed sneaking in, but I made it!

I was able to finally unwind after a few minutes and really get involved in the subject at hand. Missing the class would have been a mistake. At one point, when I knew I had so much going on, I had told myself, "It is only land records" trying to convince myself I didn't need to go. That is when I need to go!

Another amazing class! Land records are your bread and butter! I had no idea how much land records can tell you about your family. Now, I can't wait to delve into them! The most important thing I learned is:

"The descent of land is the purest form of lineage!"

Land records are easily available, and help prove many things. Migration, chains of title, divisions of estates, marriage, relationships, place names, and life style are prime examples. We were instructed on county land records, and federal land records and how to locate these records.

I learned how important it is to follow siblings and neighbors in these records. I learned about deeds, platting land, the difference between a grantor and a grantee, metes and bounds, and how some surveys are read from right to left! Another important factor, make to follow the trail from the time land was acquired until it left the family, it is crucial.

Deed books are full of information. The documents you may find in them are~

QCD-Quick Claim Deed
Trust deed
Land Bond
Personal bond
Real or Chanttel Mortgage
Mortgage Release
Contract (business, prenuptial, etc)
Patent Rights
Power of Attorney

Before I knew it class was over and I was on my way to meet with family to discuss what we were going to do with a house that I just became part owner of. I had many mementos in my possession of this family that I didn't want the responsibity of any longer, I needed to get this important stuff to the rightful owners. Wedding rings and things of value made me nervous worrying if something happened to them. And a house setting empty for 6 months needed to be attended to. So off to the next part of my hectic day....

To sum up this class though, again there was so much covered I can't begin to tell you everything. Unfortunately, next week is my last class.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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