My Next Class and My Day

Today was a busy one for me, although I really don't know to many days that aren't busy for me! It started with my wonderful grandson waking me up this morning. We were able to spend some time together before I headed out to my class at the Jr. College.

Two hour classes just fly by, it amazes me still. Today the instructor covered censuses. She went
through each Federal Census with us and shared what was available on each. She covered how the census takers took their census information, and where it went afterwards, and the copies that were made. We all know that the 1890 census information is extremely minimal, however we were displayed a census from this time period which showed a friend of the instructors whole family! Our instructor was with her at the National Archives when she found this. Must have been so very exciting!

We were instructed to make sure we took note of the enumerator, actual dates the specific census was taken and where the family was from. Sometimes the enumerator may actually be related to your family.

Wild cards and samples were given to show us how to try to find the people we can't find using their full name. We went through Soundex and played with a few names and codes.

Special schedules, websites, links and pointers were given to us also regarding the Censuses. Keeping track of all research is important so you don't go in circles. Again, a very informative class, and I took 5 pages of notes!

Pop Question ~ Which Federal Census can you actually search for an occupation?

I came home wanting to get on the computer and play in the censuses, but lo and behold, my grandson was still at the house! He spent 8 hours here and I spent the rest of the time with him. It is always such quality time with my grandson. I love watching every move he makes and how much he changes every time I see him. I see him about every other day and have him for several hours on those days and feel very fortunate to be blessed with so much time with him. After quality time with him...........

I was off scanning! Knowing that I can't make Scanfest tomorrow I decided to have my own. Three hours later, I had enough. I made a good dent in my project, so that was a great feeling. I hope the special Scanfest tomorrow is a hugh success, I am sure it will be great fun! Wish I could be a part, but maybe next time.

As my day comes to an end I wanted to give you an update on my class. I didn't get the opportunity to play in the census records as I would have liked, I remember from one of the greatest movies ever ..."Tomorrow is another day!"

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. I'm sorry you can't make Scanfest this time, either, but we'll look for you on October 26th!

  2. I hope you had great fun! I will do my best to make it next month. We have out of town visitors coming that weekend. Hopefully I can make it for a bit at least! Thanks Miriam!



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