My "Getting Serious Class"

Having now attended my second in this series of eight classes, I have more homework! Can you imagine that?

I am still trying to complete homework from the first class, the scavenger hunt in the library. The library has been a bit intimidating to me. I assumed all my answers would be in the "genealogy section", and I have learned there is so much more in the library to assist us in genealogy research. Learning what resource you need and what is available is tough work! Although it is taking me awhile to do this assignment, I am bound and determined to complete the task. Sometimes I feel I can go on the internet and find the answers, but I am tying my hands and won't allow myself to "cheat".

My second class was as rewarding as the first. Derivative evidence was a hot topic. I knew what derivative evidence was, but I didn't have a clue as to the vast amount of resources there are available to assist you in finding this evidence.

Thanks to homework I now have two additional scavenger hunts to work on. One in the Family History Library, again I have no experience here, and the other is an online scavenger hunt. I am thinking the online scavenger hunt will be much easier for me, although I found out there are many resources available on the web I haven't come close to exploring yet.

A couple of small goals I wanted to accomplish were to use the Library and Family History Center, so this class is just fantastic! I don't know how anyone can ever know all of the references that are available. It is truly overwhelming.

I have learned that it doesn't matter if I have 25,000 people in my family tree. If I only have 100 people and have done legitimate research and sourcing, I will have accomplished so much more. My work will be taken more seriously, and with proof documents and sourcing anyone can easily check my research.

As I have said before, when all I have done is drain people's brains, drive the laptop census crazy, scan til the scanner starts smoking, attempt to source and organize until it makes me talk to myself, I had no clue....................................there is so much more to family history and genealogy than I ever could have imagined. It isn't that I haven't accomplished anything until now, because I most definitely have. It is that now I am ready to move forward. The zest this class has given me compares to when I made my first genealogical discovery, the excitement, desire, anticipation and will has exploded all over again!

If there is an area you may want to explore or learn more about, check out the classes in your area (or online), you just may get another whole new burst of excitement and energy! And while I have all of this exuberance in me, I best get to some of that homework!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. Hear, hear Msteri! I will think of you when I am working on my genealogy homework. It will all be worth it when we finish.

  2. Hi Kathryn! Fun to know who else has genealogy homework, thanks for sharing! I will think of you now also when I am working on my homework!


  3. Wow... that class sounds useful and fun! Thanks for providing inspiration to enroll in some sort of training!

  4. Hi D. Garrison,

    I am enjoying every minute of this class! I do hope some of my enthusiasm carries over to others! There are many classes available, even if you want only to focus on one area of your research.

    Thank you!



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