Lois Marie McGuire ~ Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday's picture posting was of my grandmother. The date labeled on this picture was so far off it didn't make sense to me, therefore I left the date out. (I will be making a phone call to verify the time frame of this photo!) I could venture a guess as to when I think it was taken, but I chose to verify the actual time frame first. This is a perfect example why I am going to pick up a couple of books on dating photos, one at least will be a Maureen Taylor book.

Grandma Lois lived out of state so we didn't see her often. I was blessed with having a close relationship with her, we wrote old fashioned "ink to paper" type letters to each other for many years. I believe I started writing to her when I was in middle school. By the time I was in high school we were sending letters every week.

I often wonder what kept her writing back to me and what she must have thought of my letters. I seem to remember complaining a lot to her, but she always wrote back! I looked forward to her letters very much and only wish now that I still had them.

As I matured and had a life of my own, our letters became less frequent. Life was busy, I wrote as often as I could. We were lucky to hear from each other every couple of months, and sometimes it was longer.

After my grandmother passed away, some of the letters I had written to her came back to me. Interestingly though, the ones of that complaining teenager didn't find their way back.

Even though we were many miles apart I was blessed to have had the relationship I did with my grandmother, we knew each other and followed our lives together. It was beautiful, she was beautiful and I was the lucky one!

Oh, how I wish I had just a few of those letters now..........

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  1. I did call and verify the date of this photo, it was taken in 1944.



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