Getting To Know Me, Getting to Know All About Heritage Happens

Terry Thorton at Hill Country of Monroe County ~

put out a challenge to bloggers a few weeks ago. There are so many new bloggers that he decided it would be great to do a post about each of our blogs to help introduce everyone. With so many bloggers and so little time it is difficult to get to know the new bloggers, follow and keep up! I totally agree!

I happen to be one of the newest bloggers, only started my blog a month ago. I have been following many wonderful blogs for about two years. I really enjoy the carnivals and memes and the Genea-Bloggers Games were fabulous! I decided I wanted to be in on the fun, and knew blogging would be a great way for me to organize and share my work.

Terry asked us to share three posts that we feel are the "Brightest", "Breeziest" and "Beautiful". Now, for me, I do not have many posts to choose from so I will do my best to choose something for each category that I hope will be fitting!

Brightest ~ Classes Here I Come! My reason for choosing this is because the classes I am taking will make me "brighter" and smarter. I plan on continuing my education in regards to genealogy and Family History.

Breeziest ~ For this I chose "Dagny's Hat". I had fun putting together a little poem in regards to Dagny and her hat for the 5th Edition of Smile for the Camera.

Beautiful ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Lois Marie McGuire is my choice for this category. This picture of her, I think is beautiful and the post itself shows my appreciation of having had a "written" relationship with her.

This blog will take you on a journey of my progression and stumbling blocks. I intend to have fun and learn. Blogging gives me the avenue and discipline to write the bits and pieces of my life and my predecessors. In my life and yours, Heritage did Happen!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



  1. It's nice to meet another California genealogist! Thanks for posting about yourself and I hope your genealogy and blog are filled with success.

    And, say hello to the Genea Blogger Gnome for me! He sure does get around :)

  2. Happy to meet you Mel! Such a nice comment you left! Thank you! It is wonderful to hear from others that they are appreciative of what you do, even if it is only about me!

    I spoke to the Genea-Blogger Gnome, told him you said hi and that you see him around quite a bit. He loved hearing that!



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