10 Essential Books in my Genealogy Library

I have to admit that there are many books I would like to add to my personal genealogy library. One of the next book purchases I plan to make will assist me in dating photos. I am anxious to read the posts for this Carnival, I know I will be adding to my wish list!

I chose to list the first books I purchased when starting my genealogy research. Some are, in my eyes, mandatory books and others are for my personal research and may not be useful to others. For me these were essential (and not in any particular order) ~

1. The Source ~ A Guidebook of American Genealogy, edited by Lorretto Dennis Szucs & Sandra Hargreaves Luebking
2. Evidence, Citation and Analyisis ~ Elizabeth Shown Mills
3. Red Book ~ 3rd edition ~ American State, County and Town Sources. Eichholz
4. How to do Everything with your Genealogy ~ George Morgan
5. Elaine ~ Marjorie Watson Bennett
6. Nell ~ Marjorie Watson Bennett
7. Swedish Roots ~ Clemensson, Andersson
8. Genealogy Online ~ 7th edition ~ Crowe
9. Genealogists Companion & Source Book ~ 2nd edition ~ Crowe
10. Evidence Explained, citing history sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace ~ Elizabeth Shown Mills

Elaine and Nell were written by my first cousin once removed, Marjorie Watson Bennett. These books are fiction, with some twisted truth. Elaine was centered on my grandfathers era, where he lived and branches of his family. Nell, wasn't as applicable to my family although places and names were related, in a round about way. Elaine and Nell gave me the desire to visit where my ggrandfather settled, and since I have now been there, I can relate so much more to these books.

Evidence Explained was actually a later purchase, as it was published more recently. For me this was a must have! The other books I purchased were great purchases as they have assisted me to this wonderful addiction I now have!

This was written for the Carnival of Genealogy ~ 10 Essential Books in my Genealogy Library.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!



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