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I have given up a couple of things in my life right now to give me time to do other things that are more important to me, one of which is time sensitive. By giving these two things up, I have gained an extra 7 hours in a week! Definitely time I can use!
One of the things I have been wanting to accomplish is to get my "New" tree completed. I miss researching. I told myself over a year ago that I would not do any researching until I get this tree done. 
Did I say I miss researching?
I have spent some time this week working on my tree and feel like have accomplished more than I have in the past year! To date I have added over 1000 people with the details of their lives I have thus far and have everything sourced. I finally feel I am getting somewhere! I have primarily been working on my birth father's line, and have much more to add. 
Did I say I missed researching?
Someone asked me why I get don't use a Gedcom to enter my information. My answer is, by entering every bit of …

Search Marriage Records on Ancestry

Are you aware Ancestry dot com is offering two weeks of access to their Marriage Records for Free?
I was busy working on my "new tree" late this afternoon when it dawned on me access opened today! I decided to take a gander at the records and pulled up information on at least six marriages in no time. I am glad it is free for two weeks, and not two days. I wonder how many more indexes or records I can find in that time? 
I refuse to pay for Ancestry while I am updating my tree because I figured I wouldn't use it AND not having access would keep me from getting sidetracked with my "new tree."  By not having Ancestry, the hope was that I would complete the project sooner than later.  
Now however, I welcome a bit of a break, especially since I am almost half way through the new tree! I am starting to feel I am  accomplishing something, and boy, does it feel good!
I think I deserve the break! How about you? 
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Fain Friday!

Yes, I have another Fain Friday! Wouldn't you if you had been sent a 50 (or more) page genealogical report on one of your lines? Now, this is my kind of busy! Better get moving....
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Google Plus and Google Earth

I FINALLY attended one of Dear Myrtle's Genealogy Communities Google+ sessions. It happened to be her one month anniversary, which was fun. Lots of reminiscing and prizes. It had been a LONG time since I had done anything on Google+ and I really enjoyed it! Yes, that did surprise me, and let me tell you why.

Several months ago I found myself annoyed that almost everything I seemed to want to do, I had to learn how to do it. Technology keeps you on your toes like that. Learning is very time consuming and I had little time as it was to do anything I really wanted to be doing so the learning aspect took a backseat. Then when my husband had emergency surgery my life as I knew it also took a back seat.

Now that things are getting back to normal, I find I have been away from genealogy far to long! So, now I am reinventing the wheel (for me)! Ha!

Google+ was new to me as far as attending pre-scheduled online classes/sessions. I needed to learn how to log into a session and ev…

Wordless Wednesday ~ Niles Canyon

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Organizing ~ Cousins Found

I finally took time yesterday to do something I have been wanting to do for awhile now. It has been several years since I started genealogy and blogging. Many cousins have been found. But, how many? Who?
I have not kept any kind of system to log these cousin contacts. I was past due, do I even remember all of them? Well, that was the goal here. I started a spreadsheet of "Cousins Found."
I titled columns with things like, phone number, address, email address, surname, how/where we made contact, and if I have met them. I am all about meeting my living cousins and their family members, it does my heart good, plus you never know how long they will be with us. Of course, they may also have information to help us in our genealogy research. 
 I started listing the cousins names I remembered making contact with, those were cousins I generally keep in contact with anyway, so that was easy. Then, sporadically, I would remember someone contacting me on one e-mail address with connections…

Fain Friday!

Yes, this is a most Fain Friday!
I have been diligently working to remove spammers from attempting to post on this blog. It was getting out of hand.  I am sure there were more than 3 or 4 that kept spamming here and it was getting very annoying. I would get 2 or 3 each day from each one. Not ever having much spam prior, I was about to give up. I thought this blog was done. I was ready to close it down. 
I starting removing a couple widgets each day or so and noticed the spamming getting less and less. Suddenly, I was only getting one or two spams a day but I was about to give up, I wanted it all gone and I was loosing patience.
I posted on Facebook regarding the spam and my frustration and I received a response from Linda McCauley that set me back on track and thinking straight, thank you Linda. Her remark? 
"A few days ago a distant cousin commented on a post from a couple of years ago. That's enough to make me tolerate the spam."
Isn't that what we all want? Immediately,…