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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Tree DNA Sale

DNA Day Sale at Family Tree DNA starts tonight!

If you haven’t heard it is again DNA Day tomorrow and Family Tree DNA felt that was good enough to have a short two day sale.
Your Genetic Genealogist is sharing this information for this two day sale, read what is offered!

Family Tree DNA to order your kits, remember this is only a TWO DAY SALE!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

How Far is Each State with the 1940 Census Indexing?

I have been indexing every chance I get with my extremely busy schedule this month. I have to admit I think indexing is addicting! It is very relaxing to me, and I enjoy it.

I admit there are times I sat indexing when I really should have been doing other things, but indexing won out. It just meant I played catch up another time. 

Even though I do not work, I am very busy, as many of us are these days. Whoever said there would be so much free time when you are retired is crazy! I just keep finding more things to add to my days. (The truth of the matter is I really need to learn to say no once in awhile-but then what fun would that be?)

Anyway, the next two weeks I am thinking my schedule will slow a tiny bit, which means I can look forward to more indexing! But then...I have a class that started the beginning of this month and I haven't even looked at that yet...oops. See what I'd rather be doing? It's fun!

Have you been indexing? Do you find it as relaxing as I do? Do you find enough time to index to keep you happy? Am I just crazy? I would love to hear how you all feel about it!

By the way, here is the link at Family Search where you can follow to see what states are fully indexed, which ones have barely begun, and how far along each state actually is! Check it out!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dr. Steve Morse

I spent today catching up with my society duties as VP-Program Chair. It seems after we have a speaker, I need to spend a whole day catching up again. I start preparing a poster for our upcoming speaker for the following month. This person and I share emails back and forth getting prepped for their presentation. I also spend time looking for future speakers, answering society email, and posting anything I may need to to the society.

This past week we had an awesome speaker for our local society, the Livermore-Amador Genealogical  Society, or L-AGS as it is commonly referred to. Our speaker was Dr. Steve Morse! I am the VP-Programs Chair for the society this year, and I felt especially lucky that I was able to book him for our meeting as he has been in such high demand, which I am sure you can understand.

I enjoyed his energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and sense of humor very much. Of course, I have heard him speak before, but this was a very timely presentation, using his One Step Webpages to locate Enumeration District numbers in order to find people in the 1940 Census. It is truly amazing the work that has been put into his site and the volunteers and people involved! I would love to help do volunteer work for the site maybe next year when my busy schedule slows a bit.

Before I introduced Dr. Steve Morse, he informed me that the media would be there during his presentation, and they were! If you are local to the Bay Area, I understand this Tuesday on KRON at 5:00 pm there will be a segment on Dr. Steve Morse and his One Step Webpages. This segment may be shown about "5:15 - 5:20 ish." I am looking forward to watching this on Tuesday! In fact, I think I will DVR it! Filming occurred at other presentations of his also, so I am not sure how much of what will be aired will be from his presentation to our society. But who knows, I may see some of our society members from the audience as I know the camera scanned them. Should be a great segment on Dr. Steve Morse, hope you can watch!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Prayers for fM and Family

Photo courtesy Graphic's Fairy

I have adjusted my day today to focus on fM; footnote Maven. I was deeply saddened to hear she went in for a third surgery on her knee this morning. 

Upon reading this sad update, I immediately decided to go to the gym and work out with my personal trainer. I explained to her that I was there to work out as hard as possible ~ to sweat the infection out of fM's knee. My trainer did her job, she worked me and concentrated on my legs. When I wanted to quit, I kept going, reminding myself that I was very fortunate to be able do this workout and I had to work very hard to help fM. I was drenched when it was over.

Most of you who know me know that I need lots of working out. This is something very new to me and I haven't been at it very long. My thoughts were that poor fM wasn't able to do this, so I would do it for her today. I would give it my best to help eliminate her infection. 

When I came home, I showered, washing away the sweat and infection. I then did a meditation, dedicated to fM and her family. I wish I could be there to help them all and give support, but I can't. Instead, I dedicated my day to them all. I have said prayers and had them in my every thought and action.

Did you know fM and I are cousins? Actually, we aren't, but we have one common bond which fM felt was enough to call me cousin. I have felt a special closeness to her ever since, even though we don't communicate with each other very often. When we do though, we are cousins. I have to remind myself most of the time that we really aren't cousins. We are not blood cousins, but cousins because we want to be, and that is good enough for me.

I am praying dear cousin that you are having a much better day, that surgery went well and you are free from pain. I hope I have been of some help getting rid of the nasty infection in your knee, I will keep working at it. I feel helpless, but hope you and the family know my day has been dedicated to you. I will continue with prayers and setting intentions for your healing. You are all constantly on my mind.

Thank you DearMyrtle for keeping us all informed about fM. We all really appreciate it. I know you let the family know we are all praying for her. Thank you again.

It is about 5:15 p.m. I wonder how fM is doing. I know we will hear just as soon as possible. This post is dedicated to her.

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Thursday, April 5, 2012 1940 Aces Update

Info I received through the Aces Program from Crista Cowan Community Alliance Manager, Read on for all of the news!

Insider scoop for you: we should have every page, all 3.8 million of them, online on sometime tomorrow (latest ETA is by 2 p.m. Eastern Friday – maybe sooner). At the same time, we’ll be launching a handful of tools that can help you find answers in those images. And, yes, tell everyone. This is HUGE!

We have been doing live video demos all week to help people navigate the 1940 census. We archived those videos on our YouTube channel. We covered how to find an address for your family, how to use the enumeration district maps to determine the ED of that address, and how to browse directly to the images. Please feel free to share these videos when your followers and friends ask questions.

The 1940 census is attracting plenty of new genealogists to our ranks. That means our Facebook page is swarming with questions and comments from new users. Please help them feel welcome. Sometimes it may seem like we are answering the same questions over and over, but remember, for these people, this is brand-new information. Be welcoming! Be encouraging! (Plus, you never know when you may discover one of them is your cousin.) Also, be sure to check the Events tab on our Facebook page so you can join us for additional Livestream broadcasts and Tweetchats in the coming weeks.

Sticky Notes
If you haven’t visited our Sticky Notes blog, we invite you to do so. We’ve posted some tips and tricks for navigating the census images. Our employees have also been posting stories about who they are looking for and who they have found in the 1940 Census. Now, we want to hear your stories and if you have pictures of the people or places you are looking for, please email them so we can post them to our 1940 Stories section and possibly to our interactive map, too. And if you haven’t seen the map, you’ll find it at

What’s Next
Once all images are uploaded, we’ll move the focus to creating a searchable index for all 132 million records. (FYI, this process has been underway since we picked up the images at 12:01 a.m. Monday) As soon as the first state is ready, we will let you know. In the meantime, we want to know what questions you have and what questions you are hearing from your friends and followers. Please submit them to and put “1940 FAQ” in the subject line. Based on your questions, we will create a Frequently Asked Questions document that can be shared.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday's Tip ~ My Heritage Dot Com now has images up for the following 1940 Census states: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas and Virginia. New York went up yesterday. Have fun!

*********Update Tues. April 3 10:14AM************* just added MO and WY to the 1940 census images!

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