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I Love Surprises!

Can you imagine my surprise when an unexpected package arrived for ME a couple of days ago? It is very rare that I get such packages. As a matter of fact, I believe the last two packages I received like this were both from the same person!
The person I received these gifts from is my cousin in Sweden, Jan Lundberg. He is so thoughtful this way. The book, which you see above is all in Swedish, authored by Ann Renström. SKOGSBYAR, translated means "forest villages." If you look at the photo header of this blog, you will see the area of forest where my ancestors originally came from in Graninge, Sweden. 
The landscape and home photos in this book remind me very much of photos my cousin Jan has shared with me of the area our family was from. Upon quickly scanning a particular photo of a woman with her children sitting outside, I was reminded this could have been my family. I see another photo of a woman with the last name Berglund. I have a friend married to a Berglund. They are n…

Those Places Thursday ~ Telemark, Norway

Genealogy and...Beads?


"NEHGS Comes West" and I Was There! Post #3

Have you ever heard Rhonda R. McClure give a presentation? How about David Allen Lambert? If you live on the east coast you probably have. I, however, am on the west coast and this was the first time I have heard Rhonda R. McClure. I met David Allen Lambert five years ago (I didn't realize it had been that long ago, until David told me) when NEHGS did a seminar for the California State Genealogy Society in Oakland. As proof that it was 5 years ago, I went back five years and easily found this picture filed in my 2007 folder ~

Barbara Poole gets full credit for this photo and for me meeting David Allen Lambert. She knows him personally and asked me to say hello to him when he was here in 2007. I caught her off guard and actually found time in my busy schedule to attend the event this year and Barbara again asked me to say hello to David. I caught him at the very beginning of the event and relayed her message. 
I was sure he didn't remember who I was when I first approached him, b…