Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Cleanup

I have to admit it. It has been much to long since I have done any research. It has been so long, I hate to admit how long it has been.

My biggest dilemma is always time. I had such great visions of redoing my tree so it was sourced properly and entered properly. I almost had one line completed when I went and bought a MAC. No regrets there, I am happy with my Mac. I then of course needed to learn and play with the MAC. I also became an officer this year with my genealogy society, which has taken quite a bit of  my spare time. Needless to say, my own research has not been touched. Actually, it was LONG before all this took place since I had touched research for my personal genealogy.

Ok, no more excuses! I am back at it! This afternoon I spent some time on my tree, and oh boy did it feel good! It wasn't as long as I would have liked, but it was a start. I wanted to make sure I had a couple birthdays and death dates logged in my tree, and it turned out I did. What I ran across that distracted my attention to the actual tree, was that I had two files for several surnames in a couple of different areas on my computer. I am sure this developed somehow after I changed over to my MAC.

I was also certain that both files had the same information in them, but I still needed to go through the daunting task of looking at everything and making sure they both had the same information. Luckily I did this as I found what I will call the "second file" had additional information! The two files were NOT copies of one another in any of the file cases. I went through everyone and now have, once again, one legit file as it should be for each surname. I dreaded doing this, but realizing the second file had additional information, I was energized to make sure the files merged and became one, without loosing any information.

I also went through my photos and made sure they are in the correct area. I want them exactly where I will always want them, so if I link them in my tree I will not loose that if I change the location of the photo. The photos are generally in the correct area, and I think as I work through each line in my tree I will also work on the photos for that line to really make sure they are in place.

I read something somewhere a couple days ago that reminded me, even if you only take 15 minutes a day to work on your genealogy, that 15 minutes will add up over time, and it is better then not working on it at all. I am going to try to add a half hour a day ~ 15 minutes updating my tree, and 15 minutes on my files for how ever long I need to, in order to get them where I want them. I trashed so many files today, it isn't even funny. I am afraid of emptying the trash yet though, in fear I trashed anything I shouldn't.

It hasn't been a year since I have had my MAC yet, but I have found there has been cleaning up to do since I have had it. I would rather do that now, than wait another 5 years and really have a mess like I did last time.

I can hardly wait until I can Share with you that I finally have ONE of my family lines complete, sourced, and as perfect as I know how to get it in my tree. The line is my Swedish line. It was chosen as the first because I still plan on going to Sweden, and it looks now as if it will be Sept. 2013! But more on that later....

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ronald Plants ~ in Loving Memory

Sadly, today marks the second anniversary of the passing of my brother in law, Ron Plants. He wasn't looking well when he was staying by his brother's hospital bedside. He finally went to the doctor and they wanted to hospitalize him, but he told then no, his brother had passed away and he was going to his funeral. The hospital made him promise to come back immediately after his brother's services. Ron did go back and was soon diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer. 

His time left on this earth was not much longer form that time. Ron's favorite thing that I cooked was lasagne, he absolutely loved it. He hadn't had it in quite awhile, and I felt pleased when I decided I would make it for him within a week or so of his diagnosis. He never ate a bite. He had no appetite and nothing tasted good to him. He knew I made it for him though and that was what mattered.
Ron was a large man at 6ft. 4in. and some may have thought him to be a bit gruff. He was a biker dude, and Harley dude to be exact. He was one of the nicest, gentlest, easy going people I have ever known. He did what ever he could to make at least everyone in my family happy, always. As if he had no one else to care for or nothing else to do, I remember him stopping once and coming to give me a shoulder massage. I have no idea what I was doing that he felt I needed that, but I did and it felt so good. I remember thinking as he gave me this massage, that he probably needed one more than me. I let him know how much I appreciated it, and turned around in return and gave him one too.

I am very grateful to have had Ron in our family and my life. I loved his gentle, kind ways. I wish I had told him that more. I am very sorry he could not live long enough to see his son grow up and for his son to have him in his life. I know he loved his son with all of his heart and I hope his son realizes that as his continues growing and hits his teen age years. 

Ron, it was a pleasure knowing you and your family. May you rest in peace and I know you are riding that Harley in heaven with your brother, dad and all the other angels! Love and miss you.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Swedish, Please

Blogging has been on my mind. I miss it. I am still pretty busy, but I am learning to say no and have made some changes. Hopefully I will have a bit more time for the things that are most important to me right now.

One of my newest focuses ~ taking a Swedish language course! I have done a tiny bit of research on it, but am looking forward to finding the "right" class for me. After all, I would like to at least be able to say "hello" and "where is the bathroom" when I go to meet my family, right? 

I truly wish I could just bring one of my family members here to live with me for a year, I think that would be the best way for me to learn to speak, and that family member would be able to see a bit of California! Wouldn't that be nice? If only I could afford...

I am very interested in your experiences with foreign language learning. Have you taken an online course where you can hear the language being spoken? Have you bought the version where you take the course at home, in your own space and time? Have you taken a course at a college or local venue?

I have an old at home tape program for learning Spanish. It was ok for awhile, but I felt the program was "too formal." I think it helped me picked up some words I had forgotten, but not much really new. I would focus on it when I RETURNED from Costa Rica, and would quickly loose interest.

Which brings me to a good point. My husband speaks Spanish fluently, and I haven't learned to speak it yet. I understand a lot, but won't speak out loud. I am lazy, I do not HAVE to speak Spanish, or learn to understand every word. SO, if a relative came from Sweden to live with me for a year, would I really learn to SPEAK Swedish? I don't know. I have a bigger desire to learn Swedish though, I do not have anyone to depend on who would/could translate for me.

Yes, there is English spoken in Sweden. Some of my family can read and understand English a bit, but I understand speaking it is another thing. Very much like me and Spanish. One of our relatives lives in Stockholm and because of his job, does speak English. However, most of the relatives live in the outskirts, not touristy places, so there wouldn't be any reason they would need to speak English. I am sure most of the older relatives do not know or understand English at all.

So, if you have any experiences learning a foreign language, I really would love your input. I would like to make a decision on something very soon, as I need to get a move on!

As of right now, I literally know one word in Swedish, which I give you now~


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