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Rest in Peace ~ Nanci Jenay McCormick

b. 9/4/1977   d. 6/4/2016 As you may, or may not remember, I very recently posted regarding the loss of a long time family friend, Francis "Lynn" Block. This post is dated June 5, 2016 and can be found  here . Nanci is Lynn's daughter. We have now lost Nanci at a very young 38 years old. She has passed away from cancer, as did her mother. This family lost their mother/wife/grandmother, and one month later lost their mother/daughter/sister, each due to two very different types of cancer.  Nanci was married with three beautiful children. She went to school and played sports with my daughters. Nanci was very athletic and took great care of her body... She was a very hard worker and was truly loved by everyone at the company she worked for. The support of this company has been absolutely appreciated and amazing.  She had a great outlook on life and supported her children in all of their endeavors, 110%.  She served on the Little League Board, was a volunte