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Rest in Peace ~ Nanci Jenay McCormick

b. 9/4/1977   d. 6/4/2016
As you may, or may not remember, I very recently posted regarding the loss of a long time family friend, Francis "Lynn" Block. This post is dated June 5, 2016 and can be found here.

Nanci is Lynn's daughter. We have now lost Nanci at a very young 38 years old. She has passed away from cancer, as did her mother. This family lost their mother/wife/grandmother, and one month later lost their mother/daughter/sister, each due to two very different types of cancer. 

Nanci was married with three beautiful children. She went to school and played sports with my daughters. Nanci was very athletic and took great care of her body...

She was a very hard worker and was truly loved by everyone at the company she worked for. The support of this company has been absolutely appreciated and amazing. 

She had a great outlook on life and supported her children in all of their endeavors, 110%. She served on the Little League Board, was a volunteer coach for soccer and ne…

Rest In Peace ~ Donald William Baxter

b. September 23,1929    d. February 29, 2016
On June 17th 2016 we attended a "Reception, honoring Don." This was our second event on this day as we also attended the "Celebration of Life" for Vada Carnes, who I blogged about in my post prior to this one. 
We received in the mail a beautiful accordian card inviting us to this reception at St Michael's Parish Hall. There were several photos through out the card, and I was truly grateful to receive this. 
Don served in the United States Army Signal Corps in Korea. He was an electrician  by trade. During his free time he enjoyed inventing things and being challenged. 
Don married Sharon Hicks (my husband's cousin), who passed 15 months prior to him. They were married 60 years, had four children, and six grandchildren.
Don was known as an inventor and loved to tinker with things. He loved being home and enjoyed time with his family. He also loved See's Peanut Brittle, and the family had this on every table at the…

Rest In Peace ~ Letty Arvada "Vada" Carnes

b. July 7, 1946   d. June 10, 2016
On June 17, 2016 we attended two celebrations of life. One was for Vada. I have known Vada and her husband almost as long as I have been married to my husband. Vada's husband worked with my husband.
Vada was always happy, she had a smile which made you smile too, even if you weren't in the mood. She was always truly happy to see you, you could see her eyes light up!
After I first met her, I tended to see her mostly at the cleaners where she worked. Later on we would see each other at our husband's functions with work. Occasionally we would run into them around town, mostly at a restaurant. The last time we saw her, several months ago, was indeed in a restaurant! We caught up with each others family and also quickly learned she had some health issues.
Vada and her husband had two children, a son, a daughter, and 5 grandchildren. They were dedicated to their family. Along with raising their own children, they helped raise a couple of their gra…

Rest in Peace ~ Benedito "Ben" John Chianfichi

b. Jan 15, 1929 d. May 18, 2016
Ben was married to my aunt, Julianne Lundberg for 52 years. She passed away in April 2008. They had three children, my cousins.
Ben was in the National Guard, he was a cook. He enjoyed good meals and after graduating college with a degree in business, he became the owner and operator of Radder Dallas Food Brokerage Company.
He loved to golf and belonged to the Buchannan Fields Golf Club. My father, Duane Lundberg also belonged to this club. I can only image the fun they had together out on the course!
Ben and I met for breakfast one morning after after my aunt passed away. It was a great visit, and I am so glad we were able to do that, it leaves me with good memories. Before he moved to live with his daughter and granddaughter, I used to call him once in a while to see how he was doing.
Ben's services were June 10, 2016 in a catholic church in the town where he had lived. The highlight for me was when his granddaughter sang a song she wrote, "Best …

Rest In Peace ~ Francis "Lynn" Block

Francis "Lynn" Block Jan 25, 1949 ~ May 1, 2016
Lynn, as she was commonly called, has been a family friend from day one. Our daughter's grew up together, went to the same High School and played softball together. As time went on, most of our daughters were married, and proceeded to have their own families. 
My husband and Lynn's husband went to High School together (which happens to be the same High School our daughter's attended years later). They played sports together and attended major sporting events. In fact, they bowl together now!
Lynn worked as a dental hygenist for several years but eventually started a home day care, and was always busy! My grandchildren were blessed to have been a part of this day care. She was so great with the kids and truly cared about them. As the kids have grown, our grandsons now play baseball in the same league. 
Lynn loved to quilt. She had a great group of family and friends she quilted with on a regular basis. I silently wished …

Rest In Peace ~ Ronald Lester Knott

b. April 11, 1946 d. April 15, 2016
Lifelong Livermore resident Ron Knott passed away, at the age of 70, after a hard-fought battle with esophageal cancer. Ron will be remembered as a kind, gentle man, a beloved father and a loving husband- the kind of person you come across once in a lifetime. 
Ron graduated from Livermore High School, earned his Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State University and served his country as a pilot in the United States Naval Reserve, receiving an honorable discharge in 1969. Ron approached his roles as husband, father, and grandfather with a steady love and tenderness that, while unassuming, knew no bounds.
Ron will forever be loved by his wife Pam, his children Adam and Jessica, step-daughters Dana and Jill, his grandchildren Olivia, Michael, Adrian, Elijah, Emmy, and Zoey, siblings Don and Kay, as well as countless friends and family members.
Ron graduated from Livermore High School, earned his Bachelor's degree from San Francisco State Univers…

Are the Söderlunds Related To The Lundberg's?

Some time ago I learned Erik August Söderlund was buried not far from where I live. If you remember this is the man who raised my grandfather when he came to the United States as a boy. I do not remember exactly when or how I found out about where Erik was buried, but I believe it was from my cousin Jan in Sweden. It has taken me a lot longer than planned to head over to the Cemetery to see his grave site.
A couple of weeks ago my husband and I decided to take a nice, relaxing ride in the Corvette to Modesto, Caifornia. Our intentions were to stop at a sporting goods store (for him) and go to the cemetery, Acacia Memorial Park (for me). I must say, out of all the corvettes I have owned (5) this one has the nicest ride, ever!

We made our stop at the sporting goods store and purchased what my husband was looking for. Then we headed to the cemetery. We found it on the left side of the road, it was hugh! So many entries and exits throughout the property. When we reached the end, we drove in…

Sweet Reba

May 2nd sweet, sweet Reba crossed over Rainbow Bridge. She was blessed to have the most wonderful vet, Dr. Nick at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Reba was also blessed to have my daughter, Jenn, a vet tech and manager at Blackhawk Veterinary Hospital. Because of them she had a comfortable life even though she had health issues. My husband and I were blessed to have her and give her a comfortable and loving home for the last couple years of her life. She first came to our home for a doggie vacation (I was the doggie sitter) for for a week.  About a year later, she needed a home. She was 12 when she came back to our house as a Foster dog. She never left. She became our sweet dog "furever" more!  She required a lot of meds and I quickly found that feeding her 4 times a day was best because food wouldn't stick with her. She couldn't get up off the floor on her own, so for three months I stayed downstairs with her, and lifted her hind end when she needed it. One day I we…

Birth Places Of My Ancestors

Thank you to J Paul Hawthorne, a fellow family historian, for the idea to list the birth places of our ancestors in a chart! It is fun to see in this format! 
Notice that I have three "Sweden" boxes with a question mark. My great grandfather's name was not on my grandfather's birth certificate and his father seems to be a mystery. I am however working on uncovering this with the help of DNA! 
There are a couple of possibilities at this point which would place each in Sweden, but no concrete proof, yet. But I do have Scandinavian roots, don't I?

Thanks for stopping by!
Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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A Birthday Gift To You Dad

Richard "Larry" Fleming March 18, 1936 ~ August 26, 2015
June 21, 1966
The days are tough since you have gone. 
Last night I was at a birthday dinner and one gentleman who sat across from me reminded of you. Of course, knowing today is your birthday, I listened to him and watched him even more. Memories came flooding through me. Wonderful, loving, and funny memories. 
The family misses you more than you could ever know. You were, and still are, superman to me. You never "told" me what to do, you would say a few simple words, let me make my own decisions and watch me grow. I'm forever grateful for the life and trust you have always given me.
During one of our last conversations, I mentioned I wasn't happy with my weight (I hadn't been for many years). In your own typical way, you simply said, "Then why don't you do something about it?"  Period, the end, off to another subject.
Of course, coming from you dad, that was a profound statement which gr…

Family Tree DNA ~ Lundberg & Westby

Unless you live on the East Coast, how many have heard of a little town in Maine named Bath?
If it weren't for my sister and her family moving there (my brother in law became a professor at the college there), I probably wouldn't have ever been aware of Bath. This past year I have been speaking with my husband about visiting the family and seeing this little town on a vacation. The photos I see are absolutely gorgeous!
Last month, I received notice that the DNA testing showed a new cousin. I went in to explore, finally, but not a name rang a bell to me.  The cousin supposedly was a 3rd generation cousin, but I do not see family meshing, yet.
This is ok, as I have another cousin who was found through the same DNA testing who lives in Finland. He has sent me his tree but I have not find a connection. The problem with that is, my grandfather's father is unknown, so I can't go very far in my tree to find the connection. I did read cousins may have been involved with cousins, …

A Wonderful Surprise!

My mother was not one to save much of anything. If it was not used anymore, off it went to the trash and further to the dumps. There are many items I wish I still had today, and have felt this was before I became involved in genealogy.
Recently I was removing photos from those ugly sticky photo albums of the 70's that belonged to my mother and father. I thought I had scanned and seen most all of their albums when my mother passed away in 2001. Upon my father's passing last year, several photo albums of theirs came to the surface.
When I picked them up, I realized I needed to get the photos out of these albums ASAP. I have my own albums I still need to remove photos from also. I enjoyed pulling them from my parents albums as I had not seen some of the photos before. I spent three and a half hours removing photos from four albums while listening and taking notes from a webinar. (Get in everything I can, make every minute count!) 
When I reached the end of the third album, an ei…