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Erik Söderlund and "Wards"

Other posts in my efforts to learn who is Erik Söderlund? 

On May 10, 1917 the Kristianaford arrived at the port of New York. Erik Söderlund, Signe and Erik Lindberg (Lundberg) were aboard. The list of United States Citizens on the "Kristianafjord" included roughly 20 people. These three were on the list, numbers nine, ten and eleven. Numbers one through eleven were typed on the sheet, after number 11, the names are hand written in.

The list however also shows these three, the only ones, with a line through their names.  Erik Söderlund was listed as having been naturalized at the district court in Vadena, Minn. were he lived and where he was headed. The other two had "d:o" in those columns with also "step father's papers" typed in.

Because Signe and Erik were not United States Citizens they were all moved to the "List Or Manifest Of Alien Passengers For The United States." They were hand written in as the last people who were aliens, numbers 19, 20 and 21. Erik A. Söderlund was a "special inquiry" under "Head -Tax Exemptions." He again is listed as a single male 48 years old. He was a farmer and could read and write. His last permanent residence states the USA. For the name and address of nearest relative in the country from where he came? "Friend ? (looks something like Abest?) Lundberg Vicksjo." The country where he was last citizen shows USA, but scribbled out. There are notes written across and over information of five columns which is difficult to read. I can pick out a couple of words, but not enough to make sense.

Signe J. and Erik Hj. Lundberg are below Erik Söderlund. There, it has been written "wards." The ages 12, and 8 plus all the other columns are marked as expected. They were children from Vicksjo, Sweden. The name and address of nearest relative for them copies what was written for Erik Söderlund.

It is hard to read really, but Signe and Erik Lundberg were stamped and admitted in this country with Erik Söderlund. Of the list of 21, four were stamped "admitted." the other two children were admitted with a parent who claimed being USA born, coming from Canada.

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Erik August Söderlund ~ Emergency Passport

The first post in this series, if you haven't read it, is at, "Who is Erik August Söderlund."

I am gathering the information I have regarding Erik August Söderlund and putting it in a basic timeline order. Then I will know what I want to look for next. Better yet, I will see how my last "magical find" fits in!

This is what I know~

(A) Swedish Church records state Erik August Söderlund was born January 4, 1869 in Forss, Jämatland, Sweden.

(B) In July 1891 Erik emigrated to the US sailing aboard the White Star Liner. He sailed from Liverpool.

 (C) On April 21, 1917, Erik applied for an Emergency Passport. (This is recent "new" news to me, I was unaware there was an "Emergency" Passport Application)  The application was for himself and one for “adopted daughter” Signe Lindberg (Lundberg), sister to my grandfather Erik Hjalmer Lundberg.

       Erik Söderlund’s Emergency Passport Application states he was 48 years old (b. 11 January 1869) and stood 5 foot 7 inches. Details on the form say he had a high forehead, blue eyes, and a straight nose. His medium mouth adorned a mustache. A pointed chin, dark hair and dark complexion, as well as an oval face completed the description of Erik. It is so much fun to “see” how our ancestors and other family members looked. I am grateful for the description on the application.

        Adopted daughter Signe Lindberg’s (Lundberg) application states she was 12 years old, 4 foot 7 inches tall. She had a round face, blue eyes, and a high forehead. Her complexion was fair and she had brown hair. The nose on Signe was regular (I wonder what would be an irregular nose, maybe a broken one?)  her mouth small, and chin round.

        Erik Lindberg (Lundberg) would have been 8 years old at this time. I have not yet found an Emergency Passport Application for him although he made the trip also.

The Emergency Passport’s for Erik Söderlund and Signe Lindberg (Lundberg) were issued June 3, 1902. They were only good for 2 months.

More of this timeline to come soon.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

"My" Swedish Adventure ~ Resan ~ Checking Out ~ Post 39

It has been a long while since I have added photos and information about "My" Swedish Adventure. In London we stayed at the DoubleTree By Hilton London-Westminster. It was a nice place to stay. Who would have known there would be so many DoubletTree's in London? Since being here we found out there were five or six of these Hotels. No wonder our friends we came to see ended up at a different Hilton location. It was fine though, we were able to meet up at different places and visited each other's DoubleTree Hotel as well. Our friends, the Douglas's, had the DoubleTree with the best view, but ours was closer to the sites we wanted to see. The first night our friends luckily hunted us down and found where our lodging arrangements were. Thankfully they found us because we didn't have a clue where they might be saying!

 Three days passed so rapidly! It was time to check out. We enjoyed  site seeing and hanging out with our friends again. We met them when we took the Mediterranean Cruise in 2011.

Here are a couple photos of the views we had from our hotel. This one was taken from the window in our room. Massive construction going on there. We were able to see the skyline and tops of a couple famous landmarks from here also.

From the hallway waiting for the elevator, we caught this view, it was nice. I appreciated seeing the tops of the cranes on the docks as this reminded me of where my dad made his living, on the waterfront (but not in London)

Even though we see some dark clouds, we never saw rain. Three days in London and no rain! 

We finally got our taxi and off we were, one last time through London. I especially liked seeing the London Eye from this view. We were staying on the other side of the buildings and could only see the top. 

There is so much to do in London. We were fortunate to see and do as much as we did, and we loved every minute of it!

So where is our next stop? Well, London was something we both wanted to see, as well as see our friends. Sweden is something I wanted to do, so I needed to plan something my husband would enjoy also. I wanted him to come back and feel he had a great vacation and good memories, even if Sweden wasn't his cup of tea.

Well, the taxi took us for a bit of a ride, and in the next post I will share where we ended up!

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Who Is Erik August Söderlund?

I am always working to make my family tree as perfect as I can which hasn't allowed much time for research, actually no time at all the last few years. (This restriction I put on myself so I would get my tree in order.) Now, I am following Thomas MacEntee's Genealogy Do Over. (I believe I am on Week 4. The second round of this series started again this week if you are interested. I highly recommend at least taking a look...) I needed to take a break from the "Do Over" however to prepare for visitors and then host them. I was fortunate to have eight visitors from Sweden stay at my home for a couple of weeks very recently, my cousin and his family. After they left, I went about cleaning, doing laundry and reminiscing. As I was reminiscing about my visitors, I decided I really wanted to know who the man was that my grandfather lived with while growing up here in the United States.

Rumors fly, but I never took the incentive to really focus in on the man who raised my grandfather. His name was Erik August Söderlund. Let's just say, I was suppose to research him last night, because the information I found I shouldn't have had access to, at least as far as I know. But I did have access and I am NOT complaining!

The "Söderlund's" were suppose to connect to the "Lundberg" family, somehow, as rumors have it. (Lundberg was my birth name in case you didn't know.) I often wondered if this man, Erik Söderlund, whoever he was, was the person who paid for my great grandmother's headstone in Sweden... my grandfather's sister is also buried here.

Photo taken by Cheryl Palmer in Viksjö, Sweden in September 2013. Headstone photo of Märta Brita Lundberg and Signe Lundberg. [Address for private use]California.

When I went to Sweden and saw the headstone, I was amazed by how tall it was. It was the tallest in the cemetery. Many of the other headstones from that era were probably gone because no one paid to keep the headstones there. Most of the cemetery is full of "flat"(on the ground) headstones today. With the assistance of my cousin in Sweden, Jan(my recent visitor), we paid for her headstone to stay in place for another 10 years. I think I am the only one here in the U.S. who is truly happy about this, but that is all that matters, right? My cousin, Jan, however knows how much it means to me, because he went and cleaned the stone for me after I came back home. I sure hope I remembered to thank him.

Someone had money to pay for my great grandmother's gravestone, and it is beyond me who it was. My great grandmother, Märta Brita Lundberg, certainly didn't have any money and she never married. Because Erik Söderlund came to the U.S. and raised my grandfather here, I have always wondered if he paid for the headstone. But I really know nothing much about him, and I do not know much about any others in Sweden either. It is easy to "assume" he paid for the headstone. I also assumed other things too, but I learned a while back never to assume anything! One day, I hope this mystery will be solved.

Erik had a son, Carl Söderlund, who was 12 years or so younger than my grandfather, Erik. According to one of the New York passenger lists, in Oct 1926, Erik Söderlund (age 57), Carl Söderlund (age 5) and Erik Lundberg (listed as nephew to Erik Söderlund age 17) arrived at a port in the U.S. having left from Gothenburg (Göteburg), Sweden. My Lundberg family states that my grandfather always said Carl was his half brother. He also stated he had another half brother too...with a different last name! But that research will be for another time.

So, what did I find last night? Well, I am working up to it, maybe in the next post?

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