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Talking To Mom On Her Special Day!

On this day I celebrate you, my mother, I have never had another.
You were taken from us 14 years ago,
Much younger than most parents go.
I hope you are at peace, as I am,
 and are dancing with angels in heaven.

The lessons you gave me in my life, Unfortunately led to times of strife. But as an adult, I see differently,
I understand you apparently, 
Were trying to do the best you could,
As any normal parent would.

I miss our talks on the phone,
I was always so glad when you were home.
I'll update you now, though not by phone, 
The family has a few more bones!
A boy and a girl, your great-grandchildren, 
born to my daughter, your granddaughter, Jenn.

Your granddaughter, Jenn, married a few short years 
After you left us, we all had good tears.
Dad married them which was their request,
He did a great job, it truly was the best!
A party it was as the daughter wished,
Her husband, dancing, did not get squished!

Through genealogy I finally figured out
How my "crafty" genes came about!
As time goes on …