Rest in Peace ~ Deloris Breyhan

I feel blessed to have been able to reconnect with my aunt after several years apart. It was very special for me to have the connection again with all of this family for at least nine years. 

My aunt was a twin! (She also had twin brother's, but more on that another time) Her twin, Doris, passed away not to long after I became in touch with the family again, July 17, 2007. Here are the twins when they were small, Doris is on the left and Deloris is on the right.

I was happy to see Doris the short amount of time I did. I can only imagine how my aunt Deloris must have felt when Doris passed away. Aren't they cute?

There was a Celebration of Life for Deloris "Dee" Betty Breyhan (nee~Lundberg) on August 5th of this year. I loved looking at the photo stream of pictures that played the whole time we were together.

Aunt Deloris loved to sew, she made clothes for her children and at least one quilt that I am aware of. Her mother, my grandmother did some sewing and making of quilts also. I finally knew where my crafting skills came from!

I am grateful the bit of genealogy her and her sister acrewed was shared with me! Photos, dates, stories and more! My grandfather never knew who his father was. I was hoping I could find this out to share with the family, but it hasn't happened as of yet. I have a possibility and was hoping a descendant would take a DNA test, but no such luck. 

Unfortunately, my aunt passed away from cancer. Cancer and I are big time enemies, I do not want to even hear the word...

I have some wonderful memories of my aunt Deloris, I think she is the one I remember most from my younger years. So glad she isn't suffering anymore. I will miss the smiles, phone conversations, and genealogy talk with her, as well as the meticulous notes she kept!

Rest in Peace Auntie, you will be greatly missed, but I know greatly taken care of by your husband, brothers, sisters, friends, parents and ancestors, who are all in heaven with you. 

Thank you for being you!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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