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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Book of Me Written By You~Prompt 28~Parents

I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:
This week's prompt (week 28) is - Parents

Names / Nick Names
Where were they from?
Where were they born? - 
Were they migrants? Born somewhere else from where they were living
How did they meet?
Anything you want to share about your parents

My mother passed away in 2001 at the young age of 64. She had cancer, or maybe I should say cancer had her. She lived almost a year after being diagnosed. She was born Annette Neva Harding and sometimes was called Annie.

I was born when she was a month and a half shy of her 19th birthday, in the same city she was born in, Oakland, California. Her parents divorced, and within a couple years of my birth my parents divorced also.

Annette Neva Harding, 1984, San Ramon, California

My birth father, Duane Harold Lundberg, passed away in 2008. Cancer also got him at the age of 74. He passed away only about 3 months after his diagnoses. His was stomach cancer. My mother's was lung cancer. I hate the "C" word.

Because my parents divorced when I was very young, I ended up not really seeing my birth father much. As a child I remember seeing him about once a year, generally around my birthday. He would bring many gifts, for me only, none for my sisters that had come along later. By the time I was sixteen my mother told me who this man was that lavished me with presents. By age sixteen, I had already figured it out. If I was to call him dad, I would think he was my dad, right? Mother had a very difficult time explaining this to me, even when she finally did. She was such a private person.

Me with my parents. Photo in possession of Cheryl Palmer [Address for Private use] California. 2014

When I was about two years old my mother remarried. She and her new husband had two children, my half sisters. Because I was so young when my sisters came along they have always been my sisters, not half sisters. The man my mother married became my Dad, he raised me. I am forever grateful to him and love him as if he were my birth father, and I know he loves me as if I were his biological daughter. Many times my mother and I did not see eye to eye and he was the one that got me through the rough times with her. 

 My step father, Dad, in the Navy. Scanned photo rejuvenated by Terri Kallio. Original in possession of Dad,  
[address for personal use] California. 2014 

I continued to see my birth father about once a year when I moved away from home. Still, about birthday time he came bearing gifts. 

After I was married, my ex-husband and my birth father did not hit it off, therefore I didn't see my birth father for many years. Almost 10 years into my marriage my husband and I divorced. Even after my divorce, I didn't see my birth father. I always felt uncomfortable around him, seeing him once a year growing up did not a relationship make.

After my mother passed away I started thinking more about my birth father and took a real interest in genealogy. One day I drove to where my birth father lived and parked my car a distance from his house, hoping to see him maybe come outside. I did see a man walk out who I thought may be him, but it didn't feel right, I wasn't convinced. I drove home and never said a word to anyone about what I did. Some time later, I learned the man I saw was not my birth father.

We never know what life will bring us or how long any of us will live. Off and on, I thought about my birth father. After a few years I finally opened up and talked with my husband about my feelings. I felt I wanted to connect with him again, after all, he had a grandchild he had never met. 

When my birth father's father (my grandfather) passed away, my mother never told me until after the funeral. I suppose she figured I didn't want to know as I wasn't seeing my birth father at the time. When I found out I was very disappointed she hadn't told me, I would have gone to the funeral. At the time, I felt she had robbed me of the chance to make contact with that side of my family again. I suppose I felt it would have been the "easy way" to see those family members again.

My husband was very supportive of me wanting to contact my birth father and talked me through each of the obstacles I felt I was facing. I was concerned about my daughter and how she would handle a "new grandfather" in her life. I was also very concerned about my step father, the man who raised me. I never wanted him to think I was betraying him.  Eventually, I spoke with him about my feelings, and of course he was very understanding.

Scanned photo, Mom and step father, Dad. 1987. 
Original in Cheryl Palmer's possession [address for personal use] California. 2014. 

When I finally decided it was ok to call my birth father, I called several times without a response. Ring, ring, ring, no answer, ever. There wasn't even an answering machine where I could leave a message. 

I was getting nervous, maybe something happened to him? Was he even alive? What if I missed this opportunity? I decided to drive to the house one day, it was only about 45 minutes away. So close, yet so far.

 Looking back, I wonder what I thought I would find by going to the house? If the phone wasn't answered, why would I find him there just because I drove over? I was wondering if something may have happened to him and he was helpless, just like you would see in a movie or read in a book. I was afraid I missed my chance of communication again.

It turns out that drive over was just the thing to do! He answered the door when I knocked and was definitely shocked to see me. He invited me into the house, the same house his parents lived in when I was a child. It was deja vu walking in there. I was so nervous, the first thing I said to him upon entering the house was, "You have psoriasis don't you?" He replied, "Yes." I told him I had it too and mom did not so I knew he had to have it as it is hereditary. We both laughed. The rest is history.

Me and my biological dad, Duane Harold Lundberg, 2006, Concord, California.

I am grateful for the few short years I had with him. I am grateful he was able to meet his granddaughter and live to see the birth of his great grandson. I am very grateful we got back in touch. His family, my aunts and uncles, told me he was like a new person having me in his life again. Everyone was so very kind, excited and happy to have me in their lives.  A few short years later though, my birth father was gone. I still keep in contact with my aunts and uncle however.

I try now to spend as much time with my step dad as I can, he lives a couple hours away from me. (I only call him "step-dad" for genealogy purposes, in my mind he is my Dad, my Father.) I have him doing "The Book of Me Written By You." When I go to his house I bring along at least seven or eight questions for us to go through. Some of the questions he has written for me, in my presence, some I have voice recorded and some l I have written down as he verbally answered the questions. 

He raised me from the time I was two years old. His family is my family. I couldn't have asked for a better father in my life if I could have picked one myself. I feel so very fortunate to have him on this earth with us. All of my family enjoys his great sense of humor, his intellect and being a part of his life.  This man "chose" to accept me as his own, and will always be my Dad. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 22 ~ Remembering ~ Today, and in My Family History

Today ~ February 22, 2014

The fourth great grandson of my second great grandfather, a "Living Lundberg."
My third cousin, a "Living Lovdal."

MARRIED on February 22
My Mom and Dad Fleming.
My second cousin, a "Living Olson."
My second cousin once removed a Nolan.

May They Rest in Peace

Born on February 22, 1912
My grandfather George Harding. He would have been 102 years old today.
Born on February 22, 1900
Husband of my first cousin twice removed Kristian Christiansen Ostre. He would have been 114 years old today.
Born on February 22, 1688
My sixth great grandfather Lars Ersson Strale. He would have been 326 years old today.
Died on February 22
Husband of my second cousin, a "Kinn." 
Husband of my second cousin once removed, a "Steen."

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Meet My New Cousins!

On Friday, November 1st, I drove to my dad's, arriving a half hour before our cousins were due to be at his front door. I wanted to be sure I had everything prepared and ready before they came. I purchased a new little Sony recording device, recommended by another cousin. (Thank you Ericka for that recommendation, I love it!) I really like that it is small and unobtrusive. Previously, I asked for permission to use it when we all met, and I was given the ok. There was no way I was going to be able to take notes and keep up with dad and his "cousin's wife" when they saw each other again, and I didn't want to miss anything! 

Mom and daughter were right on time. It was so exciting seeing them walk up to the front porch, although I was a bit nervous also. It's my nature. The excitement, apprehension, anticipation, it had all built up in me. 

My dad's wife was so excited that I found a new cousin connection, she could hardly stand it! She also does genealogy and wishes she had found as many cousins as I have, but so far no such luck. We keep hoping! I explained to her that I wasn't as excited for me, but was very excited for my dad. To meet his cousin's wife again after who knows how many years. I knew the stories wouldn't stop!

They arrived. We did some introductions, gave greetings and invited them in. The first thing I asked, with the recorder running was, how long has it been since you have seen each other? That is when I found out that my dad and his cousin's wife had only met once, briefly. Really? All along I thought they knew each other fairly well. I was suddenly disappointed. All of the stories I thought I was going to hear…down the tubes in a flash. Then I remembered, there was history, people they had in common. And they were, after all, very excited to meet each other!

It was a fabulous meeting! Everyone enjoyed themselves. My father's wife made a fantastic lunch for us. A variety of sandwiches on rolls, salad, fruit and cookies. Delicious! Here you can see our cousin checking out the ancestor book I had made for my father's birthday a few years ago, while dad and N. continue to visit after lunch.

The conversation centered a lot around my grandfather, dad's dad. Grandpa had a wonderful sense of humor and I heard stories about him and his personality that were "so him!" The stories went back and forth between dad and his "cousin's wife." Below you see her listening to a story my dad is sharing.

It came to our attention that she had questions about her own mother. Dad's wife started a search to see what she could find. 

Here is a photo of my dad listening to his "cousin's wife" telling a story. I love this photo as it reminds me of a story that my dad actually shared that day about my grandfather. When my grandfather passed away he was laying in bed with his hand positioned around his face and chin, wearing a smile. 

I told my dad he does the same thing, and here is proof!

We visited for about three hours before our cousins needed to leave. "Cousin's wife" and her daughter really seemed a part of the family, they also had a great sense of humor. Before they left I wanted a couple more photos…the personalities really came out...

Dad says he felt his "cousin's wife's" arm move behind him, so he quickly moved his too, just as I was pushing the button for the photo! I made them redo the photo.

Doesn't it look like we had a great time?

I thank everyone for allowing me to share the photos here on my blog, it sure helps to tell the story, and they will make great photos in a book one day!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Book of Me Written By You ~ Prompt 11 ~ Military

 I am participating in Julie Goucher's activity:

This week’s prompt ~ Prompt 11 ~ Military

Did you join the military? 
Were you encouraged or discouraged?
Did a family member join the military?  
Regular or for a particular incident?
Did you or your family serve overseas in the line of service either during a war or as a posting?
Any thoughts, photographs, memories relevant?

I did not join the military. I never even gave it a thought. I knew when I was young what I wanted to do career wise in my life and actively persued that career.

There are members of my family who have been in the military however. My uncle enlisted in the Army on Feb 12, 1943, during World War ll. My father was in the Navy. I have numerous cousins who spent time in one branch or another.

I do have a few photos of family members who have served. Some photos have not been scanned yet and their military stories have not been told. Some are more recent and I would like to get permission to share before I post.

I hope to write each of my families individual military history when I have the opportunity (which really amounts to when I can find the time), and hopefully share the pictures I have of them with those posts. 

I have shared one photo on Facebook recently, and will share it here for those who may not have a Facebook Account. It is a photo of my father in the Navy. Enjoy!

This scanned photo has been cleaned up by my online Facebook friend Terri Kallio. She is very talented. It is such an improvement, I thank her so much!

Here is the scanned photo as I first shared it, taken June 2, 1952.

I am very fortunate to have both versions now!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Book of Me Written by You ~ Prompt 7 ~ Grandparents ~ Dad's Parents

The prompt for week 7 is Grandparents

What were their names?
Where were they from? 
Were they related? – Cousins perhaps
Where were they born, another Country or state/area?
Photos ?
What did they do? 
Did you know them? 
What was your relationship with them?
If you didn't know them have you researched about them?


My third post for this prompt entails dad’s parents. His parents were James Fleming and Lois McGuire. They were both born in Oklahoma but were not related.

I have several photos of each of my grandparents.

Grandma and grandpa, many years after they divorced.

I am sure grandma worked many jobs that I am unaware of at this point but I know she drove a school bus in Arizona. That was her final job before she retired. She moved to Arizona sometime after her and grandpa divorced. She lived with her mother and took care of her until she passed away.

I have a photo of her in a bar she owned while living in California. The photo also has her parents and my dad in it. If I didn’t have a copy of that photo, I may not know today that she ever owned a bar.

Grandma and I were pen pals when I lived at home. I wrote to her until my daughter was born, but after that letters were more scarce.

Dad flew us, literally, to Arizona once to see her and great grandma. I was pregnant at the time and remember how hot it was in Needles, California when we stopped for fuel. I thought I was going to be sick from the heat and being pregnant, it wasn't a good combination. I never wanted to go to Needles again. (I did end up there once more though.)

My youngest sister and I flew to see our grandma's once also. I actually won the trip, but have no recollection how I won it. I think it was from a company I was involved with, one of those pyramid things. We had a rented car and a lovely hotel to relax and tan at for a few days and then we were off to visit them.

The picture above is a scanned copy of a photo of grandma when she was 32 years old.

Mostly, grandma and great grandma came to California for visits. One Christmas my ex-husband and myself surprised my dad and flew grandma to California for the holiday. I will never forget the looks on my parents faces when she came into their house with us. Priceless!

The looks of surprise!

Seems to me grandpa was retired for as long as I can remember, even though I know that was not the case. He belonged to the boiler maker's union, the carpenter's union and the ship fitter's union. He could do a little bit of everything. He loved music, and taught himself to play the harmonica and organ. I actually received his organ for my birthday after he passed away.

Scanned copy of photo, grandpa at Knotts Berry Farm.

I am fortunate to have voice copies of some of the music he played and stories he told. I actually just received these Oct. 14 of this year, a few days previous from writing this post. He was a real character, and always funny. He loved to make people laugh, just like my Dad.

 The other day when I was with Dad, we actually listened to grandpa's CD (dad had converted it from tape) and cracked up at the stories he wrote and played out with his step-daughter. It was a great day filled with great memories.

I remember going to grandpa's home when his father, my great grandfather, was there. We would listen to grandpa play the organ, and sometimes other family members would be visiting also.

                                    Scanned copy. Grandpa in his backyard, playing croquet.

Grandpa loved to play golf. (I wonder if the croquet helped him play golf better, or if golf helped him play croquet better?) He played a lot of it when he retired and belonged to a golf club in Alameda. He lived in Oakland as long as I can remember, so he drove a bit of a  distance to play golf. His house was up by the Mormon Temple. When I was a kid and we were driving on the freeway at night, we would see the Mormon Temple lit up so beautifully. It would remind me grandpa lived close by there. I thought he was so lucky, although I don't believe he could see the lights of the Temple from his house.

When grandpa got ill he ended up in the hospital. I received a phone call from him while he was there, it was very strange because he NEVER called me. He asked when I was going to visit him. I sort of stumbled a bit not knowing what to say. I said, “Right now?!?!?!?” He said no, I didn’t have to run over there right then but the next day would be good. My husband and I went to the hospital to see him the next day. He was sitting up, drinking milk and eating cookies. He had a smile on his face, talked, and joked, just as he always did.

We visited for a while, it was nice to see grandpa acting his normal self. When we left, I got tears in my eyes and told my husband he was dying. I knew it. He never called me before. He wanted to see me. He wanted me to remember him happy, joking and laughing. 

I am so very grateful I was able to see him how I did. He fooled others with his jokes, laughing, and eating cookies, but he didn’t fool me.

He wanted to go home to die so my father brought him home, although he fought it as long as he could. Grandpa had better care at the hospital. Thankfully by the time dad brought him home, he didn’t live but about a day. 

His wish was granted, he was home. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Recorder ~ Prompted from The Book of Me Written By You Series

Many of you may already know that I am participating in Julie Goucher's "Book of Me Written By You" prompt series. I have really enjoyed this and am surprised by how many memories come back to me with each prompt I work on.

After I worked on the very first prompt, I thought it would be so great if my father would do this. I know this would never happen, because my sister and I have both given him books to fill in about his life, he has never written a word.

So, I have come to the conclusion that I need to get a recorder and go up to his house at least once every six weeks and talk with him about each prompt. This, I am pretty confident he would do. 

I have a bit of open time coming up soon to go visit my dad (no dog or grandchildren bookings) but I need to buy a recorder. I was looking at Livescribe pens, but wow, they are expensive. I will do some research and see what else is available. 

I thought about using my video camera to record these sessions, but I need to refresh my memory about how much time I have available to record, maybe it is an hour, I am not sure.

I have been so impressed with this series, I even have my husband writing! 

If you haven't been a participant, I suggest you check it out, it is not to late to catch up! You can find the prompts at Julie's blog Anglers Rest, you can hook up with Julie on Google + , she is even doing hangoutsGeneaBloggers is also announcing these prompts, the first one is here. On Facebook, you can check out the private group "The Book of Me Written By You". If interested, you can ask to join. 

What product do you use for recording? Any recommendations? How much do you love Livescribe? If you have a Livescribe pen which one do you have or recommend? Small and less obtrusive seems best to me.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Google Plus and Google Earth

I FINALLY attended one of Dear Myrtle's Genealogy Communities Google+ sessions. It happened to be her one month anniversary, which was fun. Lots of reminiscing and prizes. It had been a LONG time since I had done anything on Google+ and I really enjoyed it! Yes, that did surprise me, and let me tell you why.

Several months ago I found myself annoyed that almost everything I seemed to want to do, I had to learn how to do it. Technology keeps you on your toes like that. Learning is very time consuming and I had little time as it was to do anything I really wanted to be doing so the learning aspect took a backseat. Then when my husband had emergency surgery my life as I knew it also took a back seat.


Now that things are getting back to normal, I find I have been away from genealogy far to long! So, now I am reinventing the wheel (for me)! Ha!

Google+ was new to me as far as attending pre-scheduled online classes/sessions. I needed to learn how to log into a session and even where to leave a comment. I almost felt silly asking any questions, almost. Some sessions are saved automatically and can be found on YouTube, another learning process, where on YouTube do you find these? Well, different areas depending on what you are looking for.

I became very jazzed about this session as there was a gentleman from Sweden in one of the windows with Dear Myrtle and Russ Worthington. Since I still plan to go to Sweden, I asked how to get in touch with him privately. Russ informed me to go to the community and talk with him. Duh! I knew that! I did feel pretty dumb then. But, only for a minute, because not long after that, Dear Myrtle lost power and our Google session was over. Not a fun way to end her anniversary bash...but we all moved on.

I realized that Dear Myrtle had moved on with the advancement of technology once again, and if she could do it, so could I! So, thank you Dear Myrtle for opening my eyes!

From there I was invited to a hangout with this gentleman, Olle Andersson! For awhile it was just the two of us and so we visited, he shared his screen and showed me where he lives in Sweden, via Google Earth and he found where I live, here in California. We chatted along until a couple of others joined us and Olle went about helping someone with their research.


After these sessions, I was really jazzed about new technology all over again! The uses of Google Plus, and the reminder of how amazing Google Earth is. Genealogy people are so fantastic, caring and giving! I am so very happy to be feel the excitement and have a bit more time for genealogy again! 

A couple of days later I spoke with my father and shared with him Google+ and Google Earth. He was amazed and told me he "was still looking for telephone booths on the street corners." I gave him some instructions to play with Google Earth, and his first response was he wanted to go to Oklahoma and see the house he was born in. I should pull that up and save a copy! 

Technology is so very exciting. I am happy I had a break, and happier to be back. Have you been to any/many hangouts? Have you been to any Google+ genealogy scheduled classes/sessions? Have you researched any of your ancestral areas with Google Earth? I would love to hear your stories!

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Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sentimental Sunday ~ Dad And His Sister

A couple weeks ago my aunt from Texas came to California to spend her 75th birthday with her brother, my dad. I thought it was pretty darn wonderful that she wanted to spend the time with her brother. I suppose she felt she could see her children at any time, but not her brother!

I drove the couple hours north to my father's "bed and breakfast" as I like to call his home. I looked forward to seeing my aunt and wanted to make sure to be at the house for her birthday. To me, this was the closest thing to a family reunion there is on this side of the family. I have no idea how long it has been since I have seen any of my cousins, but it has been years...back in the day, when they lived in California. We don't even know each other. It has been three years since the last time my aunt came to visit. That visit she brought her husband with her (the only time I met  him) but unfortunately, he has since passed away.

We shared many laughs, I took lots of pictures, and heard many family stories, most of which I'd never heard before. By the end of the visit I brought home 8 pages of notes. Because I hadn't thought to bring a tape recorder, I frantically scratched notes, as quickly as possible, while the reminiscing flowed between my dad and my aunt.

I came home realizing I needed to immediately transcribe my "chicken scratch" to my computer while I could still make heads and tales of it. Now, since that has been completed, I sit back and try to imagine what the consequences would have been had I not proceeded with those transcriptions. Most of those notes would never have made sense to me, or anyone else within a few weeks.

For some reason, ever since I learned my aunt was coming to visit, I have been super emotional and very sentimental. Maybe because it was a monumental birthday for her. Maybe because she had lost her husband. I think it is a little of each of these things, but the main reason is because I don't know if or when I may see her again.

I try to stay optimistic but I have come to a stage in life where I am learning to be a realist. We have lost family and friends much younger than my father and my aunt. Every moment spent with them is precious and special in my eyes. It was wonderful that I could really appreciate and soak up every second I spent with them. I appreciate the stories, the notes, and especially the pictures. I am extremely grateful they shared their special time with me.

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts! 

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Those Places Thursday ~ With a Special Birthday Wish!

This is the back yard of one of the houses I grew up in. More specifically, the home I lived in from my later grammar school years on up through high school. I vividly remember this house being for sale. I vividly remember my parents saying it was way to expensive. I vividly remember my mother saying no to this house.

The house was up for sale for what seemed to me to be quite a long time. I am sure I missed most of the discussions my parents ever had regarding the purchase of this house. The few things I do remember though, I remember very well. The house was very expensive and my mother did not want a pool.

As time passed the house stayed on the market. As time passed the owners were getting more antsy to sell. As the time passed, the asking price for the home started to fall. Still, my mother insisted, no, she did not want this house with the pool, the pool that was 16 by 32.

I don't know how it happened, but my father wanted this house and eventually it became ours. I finally found out why my mother didn't want this house with the pool. She didn't know how to swim and she had three young children to worry about falling in the pool.

The best thing in my eyes was that we bought this house. All three of us learned how to swim, and there never were any accidents to worry about. I swam so well, I didn't have to take swimming in high school for PE (it was a requirement in those days), they just had me teach it! Those were the good ol' days. Laying in the sun, and swimming the summers away.

We weren't allowed to swim when my parents weren't home. I never understood that. My mother didn't know how to swim, and here I was in high school teaching it. Why couldn't I be responsible for my sisters and I to swim? It didn't make much sense to me. Not until I was an adult and out on my own did my mothers reasoning for this surface. She was afraid if something were to happen while we were out in the pool, no one would have been there to obtain help. I began to understand her thoughts, although it seemed to only pertain to me. If something were to happen to me, no one would be there to get help. I was the eldest, so if I were the one to get hurt, who would have called for help?

My father worked many long hours and didn't get to enjoy the pool much. On those days when he was able to take a dive, I know he enjoyed his pool. Of course us three girls loved to swim with dad. He was always so much fun! I have memories of when he was able to use the pool, but I probably have more memories of him cleaning it!

Today is my fathers birthday. Not just any birthday. It is his 75th birthday! I publicly want to thank him for being such a wonderful dad and working so very hard to give us such a great life. Happy 75th Birthday Dad, and thank you for everything!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reflections for Change

Bloggers are reflecting on this past year, both with their accomplishments and with resolutions for the new year.

I too have a couple of reflections, maybe a bit different from the norm. I am going to call them my eye openers. Things I am a bit disappointed with actually.

I remember many years ago, my mother making a comment after looking at some of my vacation pictures. This was pre-genealogy time. She asked where the pictures were that I was in. At the time I didn't think much of it, but realized most of my pictures were taken of scenery probably taken on a motorcycle trip.

Fast forward to these past Holidays. I reminisced at one point about my father taking videos at all of our monumental affairs. He has always been so diligent about this. I wondered when the last time was I took videos and realized it was probably when my children were playing softball, many moons ago. Realizing my father will unfortunately not be with us forever I wondered who would take over this task. I have a video camera, so it would probably be me. Good intentions were set to pull out this camera and practice this holiday season.

Well, it didn't happen. When I reflect back now, it is no wonder it didn't happen. I have so much to do and take care of already. I have broken down and realized I can not do everything. Amazing, but true. My mother didn't do everything either, my father did the videos.

My husband isn't fond of taking pictures or using the camera, unless I specifically ask him. I am trying to think what job I could give him during the day so I can take some videos and more pictures. Although, that may not be the answer either, as I still would not in very many pictures.

Besides the videos, I noticed the pictures I took were mostly of the grandchildren. Now, I am not complaining about that by any means, however, why did I not have more photos of my father? Thank goodness I have taken several of him throughout the year.

Notations then, are:

1.Make sure someone takes pictures of me once in awhile.
2.Take video as often; they are so wonderful later in years, just like photos. Thanks, Dad
3.Take more pictures of the matriarchs of the family, how long will they be with us?

These are not New Years Resolutions, they are simply things I will do!

Thanks for stopping by!

Wishing you success in all of your genealogical treasure hunts!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Dad's yard. Auburn, California. March 28, 2009. Digital photo. Owned by Cheryl [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE] California. 2009